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People Are 'Cricketing' Their Feet To Fall Asleep Faster—and Claim It Works

You may subconsciously cricket in bed to relax before falling asleep.
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Whether you generally get a solid night's sleep or struggle to get into a deep slumber, you're likely always curious about ways to improve (or further boost) your sleep game. From social media hacks to help you fall asleep faster to the best sheets to shop for a more restful sleep, it's always a good idea to stay in the know on the latest and greatest tips and tricks, which is why you might be interested to hear about "cricketing."

There are some things you may be doing to relax your body before you fall asleep, such as avoiding blue light from devices or having a warm cup of tea, and there's another soothing habit that has people on TikTok asking, "Where are my fellow crickets?"

If you're wondering what cricketing is all about—and if you're a fellow cricketer yourself—keep reading to learn more about this calming habit and whether it can really help you fall asleep. And when you're done, don't miss out on the 10 Best Exercises for Women Over 50 To Live Longer.

What is cricketing?

woman cricketing or rubbing feet together in bed

"'Cricketing' mimics the actions of an actual cricket! It's the act of rubbing both legs together (as a cricket itself would when chirping) when you're relaxing and lying down in bed," says Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, a member of our Medical Expert Board and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. "It's not strictly a medical term but is the term commonly used to describe the practice," he adds. "Cricketing can be a conscious motion or not, and for some people, it may serve as a form of self-stimulation, or 'stimming.'"

Many individuals find the act of cricketing soothing and calming—especially when all snuggled up in a cozy, dark sleep environment. And as Dr. Bohl points out, you can do cricketing consciously or subconsciously. TikToker @notyouraveragethrpst posted a video asking others, "Who else is laying in bed just 'cricketing' their feet," noting that she just learned about cricketing and never noticed she did it before she knew it was a thing. Other TikTokers joined in on the conversation, with one noting, "That's the only way I'd go to sleep," and another, "Other people do it too??" One user even commented, "As a kid, my mom used to tell me I should do this to help me relax and fall asleep."

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How does cricketing affect your body?

Stimming can have a positive impact on your body and feel soothing due to its predictable, repetitive nature. Rubbing your legs together continuously can distract you from other sorts of stimulation you might find more jarring, explains Dr. Bohl. "Stimming is sometimes more common in those with neurodivergent conditions," he adds. "Other ways stimming can positively impact the body are through the benefits of physical touch (it can be relaxing to rub one part of the body against another) and from any associated hormones that may be released, such as oxytocin."

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Are there any downsides to cricketing yourself to sleep?

You're in luck, because Dr. Bohl reveals there are no downsides associated with cricketing yourself to sleep. "That said, if you find the movement bothersome and can't seem to control your urge to do it, you may have a different issue going on, such as restless leg syndrome," he notes. "This sort of condition should be discussed with a healthcare professional."

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