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Dairy Queen Just Confirmed To Us That Its Iconic Cherry Dipped Cones Are Coming Back

The fan-favorite Dairy Queen treat was discontinued in 2023 to the disappointment of fans.

Nearly a year after Dairy Queen officially discontinued the popular Cherry Dipped Cone—a move that came as a major blow to fans—the defunct item is finally returning to menus.

A Dairy Queen district manager who runs the TikTok account @dqshelbytwpmi announced in a recent video that the chain plans to pull Cherry Dipped Cones out of retirement "due to popular demand." When Eat This, Not That! reached out to Dairy Queen for comment on the report, the chain confirmed that the menu item is indeed returning to stores.

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"We know our fans love the Cherry Dipped Cone, and we're excited to bring this sweet offering back for a limited time at participating locations," Dairy Queen said in a statement. "We are always innovating our menus to showcase delicious new and fan-favorite flavors for our iconic dipped cone. Fans can keep an eye on our social channels for the latest and greatest on all DQ flavor and product offerings."

Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone
@dqshelbytwpmi / TikTok

The statement didn't specify exactly when customers should expect to see Cherry Dipped Cones back on the menu, and Dairy Queen did not immediately respond to a follow-up inquiry for more details on timing. The Dairy Queen district manager who shared the news on TikTok was also unsure about the relaunch date.

"I can't give an exact date because it depends on when the distributors get it in stock, but it was one of the best sellers at my locations, which are in Southeast Michigan. So, I'll be the first to let you guys know when we have it," the district manager, whose real name is Miranda, told followers on TikTok.


Miranda was the first to share the news that Cherry Dipped Cones were being pulled from menus in a viral May 2023 TikTok video that racked up millions of views. Dairy Queen subsequently confirmed to several media outlets that the menu item was indeed being discontinued. To say that customers took the news hard would be a major understatement.

"This is so sad. Why do they get rid of the good stuff?!" one TikTok poster commented on Miranda's May 2023 TikTok.

"Cherry Dipped Cones are literally the reason I go there," another wrote.

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However, Dairy Queen didn't rule out the possibility that Cherry Dipped Cones could return, so it isn't a complete surprise that the menu item is now coming back.

"At this time, the Cherry Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen is being discontinued. That said, DQ is always rotating our dipped cone flavors and Cherry Dipped Cones may return in the future. Fans should check with their local DQ restaurant to learn which flavors are available," a Dairy Queen spokesperson said in a statement to last May.

In other Dairy Queen news, the chain just launched a brand-new Confetti Cake Dipped Cone ahead of spring. The treat features Dairy Queen's creamy vanilla soft serve covered in a white-colored cone dip with rainbow confetti pieces. It will only be available for a limited time, per People, so don't wait too long to snag a cone if you're interested in trying one.

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