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This Halloween-Themed Ice Cream Is Coming Back After a Two-Year Hiatus

It features a dressed-up vanilla and nuggets of a popular cookie.

It's the time of the season (according to The Zombies). From Halloween to Christmas, life is filled with tricks, treats, and delicious Thanksgiving pies. As the holidays roll around, your favorite desserts and seasonal items will be making a comeback at restaurants and grocery stores. Costco started stocking up on its famous fall bakery items as early as September, with Halloween-themed hot cocoa bombs catching customers' eyeballs—literally.

This begs the question: what other creative food concoctions are in store for the spooky season? There is one popular ice cream brand that can help answer that question. Dippin' Dots has been around for as long as we can remember, but its Halloween-themed Spookies 'N Cream flavor is a pretty new addition. And the brand is bringing it back to its menu to make all the ghouls and goblins swoon.

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According to Chew Boom, Dippin' Dots is welcoming back this Halloween-themed treat for the first time in two years. The ice cream is only available for a limited time throughout the 2022 season. As the Dippin' Dots website explains, the flavor is a fun twist on the classic Cookies 'N Cream with orange-colored vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookie pieces. Hold the ice cream—we will take all of the Oreos, please.

If you want to try out the snack for yourself, you can order the flavor online or find it at select Dippin' Dots stores. In addition to the ice cream brand's Spookies 'N Cream offering, Dippin' Dots has a 'spooktacular' online deal going on until October 31. Using the code 'hallo13,' you can get 13% off your order. We don't know about you, but that Ultimate Brownie Batter ice cream flavor is calling our name.

Dippin' Dots is not the only sweet treat company that has released specialty items this fall, as Dairy Queen's fall menu features your favorite Halloween candies in its signature blizzards. From Reese's Take Five Blizzard Treat to Snickers Brownie Blizzard Treat, you cannot go wrong this Halloween. A pizza and ice cream for dessert will do just fine, thank you!

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