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7 Discontinued Desserts You'll Never See Again

We still miss P.F. Chang's Dessert Shooters.

It's always disappointing to head to your favorite chain restaurant and expect to order your go-to dish, only to learn that it's no longer on the menu. Sure, there might be something new and exciting in its place, but that's not much comfort if you had your heart set on the original item.

While we can't bring these discontinued restaurant desserts back, we can join you in lamenting their disappearance. There will always be a Cracker Barrel Baked Apple Dumplin'-sized hole in our hearts.

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TGI Friday's Oreo Madness

Oreo madness from TGI Fridays
TGI Fridays/Facebook

You know those oversized ice cream cookie sandwiches you can get in the freezer aisle at the grocery store? Well, for a while, you could get one at TGI Friday's, too. The Oreo Madness dessert was a giant Oreo cookie filled with ice cream. Sadly, it's no longer on the TGI Friday's menu, but you can still get the Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwiches at the grocery store.

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Applebee's Maple Butter Blondie

applebees caramel apple blondie topped with ice cream
Courtesy of Applebees

The Applebee's dessert menu still has the Sizzlin' Caramel Apple Blondie, but fans know it's not the same as the older blondie recipe.

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Chili's Triple Berry Crumble Cake

blueberry crumb cake

Back in 2017, Chili's cut several items from its menu. That included the Triple Berry Crumble Cake, which we admit doesn't sound as good as Chili's classics like the Molten Chocolate Cake.

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Outback Steakhouse Cinnamon Oblivion

baked apple slices in cast iron pan
Courtesy of Kiian Oksana/Shutterstock

If you're not too stuffed after eating steak and the Bloomin' Onion appetizer, you can peruse Outback's dessert menu. But unfortunately for fans, it no longer includes the Cinnamon Oblivion dessert, which was a baked apple treat. Luckily, there are still plenty of copycat recipes for the treat.

Red Robin Chocolate Fruffles

chocolate sticks with orange peel
Joanna Wnuk/Shutterstock

Red Robin has cut many menu items during the pandemic, and the dessert menu wasn't immune to the cuts. The chocolate fruffles, which were essentially fry-shaped fudge bars, are no longer available at the chain.

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Cracker Barrel Baked Apple Dumplin'

cracker barrel baked apple dumplin dessert
Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

This is a tough one for Cracker Barrel fans. The Baked Apple Dumplin' was all of the best things about apple pie, baked into a double-crust dumpling shell and topped with ice cream and pecans. Cracker Barrel still has a no-sugar-added apple pie slice on the dessert menu, but it's not the same.

P.F. Chang's Chocolate Mousse Dessert Shooters

individual dessert shooters

When you didn't feel like eating a full-size dessert, P.F. Chang's had your back with these mini dessert "shooters." The P.F. Chang's dessert menu now includes only full-size desserts, so you may want to split them with a friend.

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