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13 Beloved Discontinued Cookies You'll Never See Again

These were lunchbox staples back in the day.

In a lifetime as a cookie-lover, dozens (if not more!) of fantastic cookies come and go from the store shelves, for various reasons. The company may go out of business, the cookies didn't sell as well as expected, or the cookie style may change. It can be a real heartbreaker! 

Read on to find out which cookies loved us, left us, and aren't ever coming back. Then head to your kitchen and enjoy your favorite store-bought cookie. You never know, it might be the last time you get to eat it.

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Ritz Bits S'mores

ritz smores sandwiches
RITZ Crackers / Twitter

These fan-favorite s'mores crackers featured a chocolate, marshmallow-flavored filling sandwiched between its classic buttery crackers. More of a cookie than a cracker, these treats were discontinued in 2016. They did make a brief return in 2022, but only as a giveaway.

Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars

still from ad for philadelphia snack bars
Courtesy of Philadelphia

These bars, which featured cheesy goodness on top of a crunchy cookie, topped with strawberry or other fillings, had enough loyal fans that over 43 thousand of them have signed a petition begging for their return. 

Keebler Magic Middles

keebler magic middles
Courtesy of Instacart

These soft shortbread cookies were stuffed with chewy gooey fudge or peanut butter fillings. There have been plenty of petitions to bring the Magic back, but none have succeeded yet.

Sunshine Lemon Coolers

lemon cookies

These delicate, lemony cookies were discontinued when Sunshine merged with Keebler and people have been seeking the perfect copycat version ever since. Try this recipe from Top Secret Recipes.

Giggles Cookies

box of giggles cookies from 1980s commercial

These cookies, popular in the 1980s, were sort of like vanilla Oreos, but they had smiling faces on them and had both vanilla and chocolate fillings. The faces were a little creepy, but not creepy enough to stop them from being a lunchbox staple.

Lunchables Cookies 'n Frosting

lunchables cookies and frosting

Lunchables are pretty much an iconic lunch box meal from the '90s, and the cookies and frosting packs enjoyed the same success. These decorate-your-own-cookie kits came with two cookies and sweet, spreadable icing you could smear on yourself – chocolate, s'mores and more – but blue icing was the winner.

Oreo Big Stuf

oreo big stuf

Oreos seem to make their way into countless dessert recipes, but even the chocolate sandwich cookie brand isn't immune to product cancellations. The mega-sized Oreo Big Stuf cookie isn't on shelves anymore, though you can still get oversized Oreo cookies in products like the Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwich.

Yum Yums

yum yum cookie lookalike

This 1970s favorite was a sweet mix of coconut, chocolate, and caramel, somewhat like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. They were discontinued when Keebler bought up the maker, Sunshine.

Planters P.B. Crisps

Planters P.B. Crisps
Courtesy of PB Crisps Fanatic

These peanut-shaped cookies with peanut butter creme inside were a peanut butter lovers' dream. Despite their popularity, the cookies, which launched in 1992, were gone from store shelves by 1995.

Juliettes Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies juliettes isolated graphic
Alexandra Filipek

Cookie-shaped versions of the chocolate turtle – cookies studded with pecans and caramel and covered with chocolate – were named after Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. They were discontinued in 1985 and brought back from 1993 to 1996.

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Moon Pie Crunch

stack of moon pies mini chocolate cookie cakes
Natali Ploskaya/Shutterstock

Instead of the soft baked middle of the original Moon Pie, these treats had crunchy cookies inside, with the creamy filling and chocolate covering of the original. The crunch version seems to have disappeared from store shelves over the past few years, sadly. 

Pepperidge Farm Star Wars Cookies

pepperidge farm star wars cookies
Pepperidge Farm/YouTube

With vanilla, chocolate, and even peanut butter flavors, Star Wars cookies were similar to Teddy Grahams, though they predated them by several years. They're no longer around, but there's no shortage of merchandise for Star Wars fans, even including an Instant Pot collection.

Apple Newtons

fig newtons on serving board
Alp Aksoy/Shutterstock

Fig Newtons still come in multiple flavors, but apple isn't one of them.


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