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Dunkin's Spring Menu Just Leaked—Here's What's Coming to Stores

Dunkin' customers can reportedly look forward to several exciting new food and drink items.
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If the chilly winter weather and shortened days have left you feeling a little weary this January, perhaps the promise of an exciting menu refresh at Dunkin' will cheer you up. The popular coffee and donut chain's spring 2024 menu just leaked online, giving fans all the coveted details on the special food and drink items Dunkin' will allegedly be serving up starting next month.

Markie Devo, a blogger who often posts about new fast-food items before they're officially announced, offered a sneak peek at Dunkin's spring menu in a Jan. 27 post. According to Devo, who said he received the information from a Dunkin' employee, all of the items will be available starting on Feb. 21.

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On the beverages side, Dunkin' will reportedly introduce a new Churro Signature Latte that's made with churro syrup and topped with whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar. Dunkin' will also add a new Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee that features churro syrup, a vanilla flavor shot, and cream. Additionally, the chain will launch a new line of Sparkd' Energy Drinks—available in Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine flavors—that are made with energy syrup and chilled sparkling water.

On the food side, Dunkin' will reportedly start serving a new Breakfast Empanada made with scrambled egg, melted cheddar cheese, and savory sausage inside a buttery, flaky empanada crust. The chain will also debut a new Churro Classic Donut and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Devo said.

While Dunkin' customers reportedly have to wait a few more weeks before they can sample the spring menu, many are already drooling over the new food and drink options.

"You had me at churro," one fan commented on Devo's post.

"This is their best menu in some time," another said.

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Of course, customers should take Devo's post with a grain of salt because Dunkin' has yet to officially announce details about the spring menu. The chain also did not immediately respond to our queries for confirmation that the leaked spring 2024 menu is accurate. However, Devo's leaks have accurately previewed new fast-food launches in the past, so keep an eye out to see if he strikes true again come Feb. 21.

The spring menu leak isn't the only major Dunkin' news to come out in recent weeks. Last month, the chain confirmed that it was removing coconut milk from the menu by the end of 2023. The discontinuation of the non-dairy alternative also resulted in Dunkin's whole line of Coconut Refreshers, which featured coconut milk as a key ingredient, being eliminated from the menu.

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