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Dunkin' Is Discontinuing a Popular Line of Drinks By the End of the Year

The non-dairy milk options are becoming more limited.

Consumers won't just have to say goodbye to 2023 soon, but they'll also have to bid farewell to a line of popular beverages at Dunkin'.

The chain plans to remove coconut milk from the menu by the end of the year, it confirmed in a statement to Nation's Restaurant News. This means that its whole line of Coconut Refreshers, which feature coconut milk as a key ingredient, will also be eliminated from the menu. Additionally, it will leave customers with one less non-dairy milk option to choose from.

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Dunkin' has offered oat milk nationwide since 2020 and almond milk since 2014, but didn't expand its non-dairy options with coconut milk until April 2021, according to a press release. That was also when Dunkin' launched its line of colorful Coconut Refreshers, which combined coconut milk, fruit concentrate, and B vitamins.

Dunkin' Coconut Refreshers

Thankfully for Dunkin' customers with non-dairy diets, the chain will keep its other milk alternatives on the menu even after coconut milk is eliminated.

"Although Dunkin' is indeed bidding farewell to coconut milk at locations nationwide in 2023, new and exciting beverage innovations are on the horizon in 2024 to provide guests with a growing variety of both coffee and non-coffee drinks to enjoy. Guests will still be able to enjoy all of their favorite Dunkin' drinks with non-dairy substitutes, including almond milk and oat milk," the company said in the statement to Nation's Restaurant News.

The chain is also keeping another version of its Dunkin' Refreshers on the menu that uses a green tea base. So, coconut milk fans will either have to find a new go-to non-dairy option at Dunkin' or start frequenting another beverage chain that does offer coconut milk, like Starbucks.

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The Coconut Refreshers and coconut milk aren't the only popular items kicked off the Dunkin' menu in 2023. The chain confirmed in March that its popular Dunkaccino, a coffee and hot chocolate hybrid, had been discontinued. However, Dunkin' didn't rule out the possibility that it could make a comeback in the future.

"As we focus on innovation and finding new ways to delight guests, we continually evolve our menu in an effort to deliver a fast, frictionless experience. The Dunkaccino is retired for now, but there's always the chance for its return in the future," a Dunkin' spokesperson said in a statement to

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