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M&M's Just Launched a New Spin On a Fan-Favorite Easter Flavor

The latest variation on the candy may technically be Easter-themed, but we'll take it any time of year!
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From plain, peanut, and pretzel to caramel cold brew and peanut butter, America loves its M&M's. Now, a fan-favorite flavor of the popular candy is back, but with a new spin—and you're going to want to grab a bag while they're in stores. According to Allrecipes, Easter Sundae M&M's are back on shelves, and if you call yourself an M&M's fan, you've got to give these unique candies a try.

Even though it's only the first week of January, we don't mind the fact that Easter candy is already making an appearance. The easter Sundae M&M's are a new and improved version of a limited-edition flavor that we haven't seen since 2016, according to @snackolater on Instagram.

"Easter Sundae M&M's are making a comeback this Easter with a slightly different flavor combo!" they posted, along with a pic of the bag that shows the Purple M&M's character wearing bunny ears and holding a classic hot fudge sundae.

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"It looks like the last time that Easter Sundae M&M's were available was in 2016 with a mix of milk and white chocolate, but this year's version has a dark chocolate outside and white chocolate inside."

White and dark chocolate together in M&M's sounds like a delicious combination—and, dare we say, an improvement over the old version of milk chocolate with white chocolate. We already love dark chocolate M&M's, so this one could be a winner. If you're in the mood for an ice cream sundae and don't have all the ingredients, this is a surefire way to get your fix!

@snackolater went on to say that although this might not be the craziest M&M's flavor, it's "definitely a great combo if you're a fan of dark and white chocolate."

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Most fans of the candy said they were up for trying the flavor, though some people had reservations about it.

"Favorite is M&M peanuts, second is almond M&Ms but I will try the new ones whenever they are available," one user commented.

Not everyone is a fan of the addition of white chocolate, with some pointing out that it's not 'real' chocolate and that it tends to be overly sugary-sweet.

"Their 'white chocolate' is sooooo bad, but I always have to try any new variations," commented another person.

"I love [the] play on words," said another fan, referring to the Easter Sundae name, which evokes both the Easter Sunday holiday and the iconic ice cream treat.

Easter Sundae M&M's are available now at retailers including Target and Walmart, so grab them while you can.

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