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Fast-Food Restaurants Are Reportedly Setting Dining Time Limits For Customers

Guests have spotted signs intended to prevent loitering in dining areas.

Fast-food restaurants are known for their speedy service. But some establishments are making the dining experience even quicker.

A few days ago, one Reddit user shared an image of a sign posted at an undisclosed Wendy's location. The sign reads, "No loitering or solicitation," and further includes a time limit for consuming food in the restaurant: 30 minutes. The sign adds, "Only food or beverages purchased in Wendy's may be consumed in Wendy's. Restrooms are for customers only."

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First spotlighted in a New York Post article earlier this week, the Reddit thread has now racked up nearly 390 comments, with many proposing their theories behind this signage at the Wendy's location. Some suggested the policy is intended to deter teenagers from spending too much time in the establishment, while others said the sign was geared toward homeless people.

Wendy's did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As pointed out by several Redditors, dining limits and no-loitering policies are nothing new for fast-food restaurants, with some claiming to spot these signs at other chains.

"We have a McDonald's in my town that is directly across the street from a high school. It has a similar sign," one commenter wrote.

"I've seen this at a Burger King too!" another one added.

The recent post has elicited mixed reactions from Redditors, with some in support of the policy and others expressing concerns about the time limit.

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Similarly, in March, one Reddit user shared an image of a "No loitering" sign posted at a McDonald's location. Like the Wendy's restaurant, this McDonald's location limits customers to 30 minutes in the restaurant while they're consuming food.

Fast-food chains aren't the only establishments imposing time limits on patrons. Standalone restaurants have implemented policies of their own.

Last year, the New York Post reported on New York City restaurants limiting guests to 90 minutes in their dining rooms, which generated controversy among customers.

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