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People Are Obsessed with Making This Festive Cocktail That Looks Just Like a Snow Globe

And it couldn't be simpler!

'Tis the season . . . the trees are up, snow is falling, Mariah Carey's voice is in the air, and you just got invited to your fourth holiday party, all before the actual holidays. Does anyone else need a drink?

Whether we're talking hard seltzers or gin and tonics, make your next cold, clear drink using this viral holiday hack that turns your bevvy into a mini snowglobe that will get you into the holiday spirit. Influencer Meg Quinn first shared this trick last year with a video showing how a simple sprig of rosemary, carefully placed inside your glass, can make it look like a Christmas tree is floating in it, creating the illusion of a snow globe.

While Quinn's trick was around last year too, it's gained steam this holiday season and people can't get enough of this super-simple, impressive-looking cocktail design. All you need to recreate her adorable drink is a sprig of rosemary and the clear drink ingredients of your choice. Pour about an inch of water into a clear glass, then lower a fat sprig of rosemary into it upside down. Pop it in the freezer until the water has turned to ice, then take it out and fill it with any clear drink—and voila, it's a little tree suspended in your cocktail!

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Quinn's video proves it's possible to make this drink just by lowering the rosemary in on its own, but if yours keeps tipping over, there's another trick that makes it easier to keep that little sprig standing upright.

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As demonstrated by Instagrammer Colette's Cocktails, you can tie the middle of a piece of ribbon around your rosemary sprig, making sure there are a few inches of ribbon on either side. (You can also use regular string—but ribbon makes it even more festive!) Take each end of the ribbon and pull them taut so that your rosemary is standing up in the middle of your glass, then tape each end onto the outside of the glass to hold it in place. Add your water, freeze, and remove the ribbon for a perfectly placed sprig every time.

Whether you're hosting a holiday get-together or just having a few friends over to relax before the holiday madness, this is an adorable and crowd-pleasing way to make the evening feel more festive. If it takes less than five minutes but looks Martha Stewart-worthy, we're in.

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