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The 5-Minute Standing Ab Workout for a Strong Core

Build chiseled abs fast with this effective five-step routine.

If you're looking to build chiseled abs fast, this five-minute standing ab workout for a strong core is exactly what you need in your life. Everybody knows that sculpted abs are crucial for your body to function properly, but they also look darn good when you're rocking just about anything. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of keeping your core strengthened and toned, along with this productive ab workout brought to you by certified health, wellness, and fitness trainer Sami Clarke of FORM.

Building your core will help you develop some solid abs, and this is essential for many reasons. Clarke tells us, "Think of your core as your foundation! It is the connection to being stronger in your workouts and feeling capable in your daily activities. It is the starting point in your body to help you feel your healthiest with less back pain, more stability, [fewer] injuries, and capability to do so much more." She adds, "That is why I integrate five-minute ab burners after every FORM workout. With our busy lives, a five-minute FORM ab workout can serve as your quick movement on that [given] day and is going to help develop those crucial core muscles that will then domino effect all other areas in your life you are trying to reach to be your best self."

Also, according to Harvard Health Publishing, a strong core can improve your overall lifestyle, from exercising to completing daily tasks like housework, picking up packages, gardening, and even taking a shower. Strong core muscles also decrease the amount of stress on your spine, help you take deep breaths, and prevent falls or injury. So gear up for a tweak in your daily fitness routine, because your ab workout just got way more exciting!

FORM was developed by Clarke to be a go-to platform spotlighting hundreds of breathing exercises, workout routines, and daily check-ins. The platform's five-minute standing ab workout for a strong core will be your newest fitness obsession. It will guide you through 50 seconds of each movement, all completed in a standing position. The best part? This workout doesn't require any fancy equipment, mat, or soft surface. Needless to say, it's the ultimate sweat session to have on deck if you're traveling for the holidays or simply don't want to leave your house but still want to work out.

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Check out this five-step, five-minute standing ab workout:

woman doing high knees cardio workout for a tiny waist

Step #1: Perform Standing Twists on your right side.

Begin the workout by raising your right knee to your left elbow, then twist your body to the right side. The greater the twist, the more you'll engage your obliques.

Step #2: Perform Standing Twists on your left side.

Now, you'll complete the same motion on your left side. Raise your left knee to your right elbow, then twist your body to the left side. Be mindful of keeping your core activated throughout the motion.

Step #3: Perform a Forward Standing Crunch on your right side.

It's time to head back to the right side. Engage your entire core as you raise your right leg to your chest while making sure your back remains straight. Bring your arms up to shoulder width, forming a 90-degree angle. This should resemble holding a ball straight out in front of you. Next, crunch your arms toward your chest as you lift up your right leg. Don't forget to breathe!

Step #4: Perform a Forward Standing Crunch on your left side.

Activate all of your core muscles now on the opposite side. Lift up your left leg, bringing it to your chest while your back remains straight. Then, lift your arms to shoulder width, forming a 90-degree angle, similar to what you just did on the previous side (holding a "ball" in front of you). Then, crunch your arms into your chest as you lift your right leg.

Step #5: Last but not least, complete some High Knees.

This workout wraps up with High Knees. It's time to activate your core once more by lifting your knees up to your chest, alternating each as quickly as possible.

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