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Get Your Best Body Ever With These Fat-blasting Exercises, Trainer Says

Say goodbye to excess fat and hello to your dream bod.
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You may be familiar with the various fat-burning foods that'll lead to a leaner you, but what about the best exercises that'll help you get your best body ever? While there's a wide range of factors to consider when attempting to slim down and sculpt the strong physique of your dreams, it comes down to the fact that the number of calories you burn during a workout needs to be more than the number of calories you eat, according to Healthline. With that in mind, you'll want to check out the following exercises which Denise Cervantes, certified personal trainer and specialist, sports performance and fitness education at Herbalife Nutrition, tells Eat This, Not That! are ideal for burning calories and blasting fat.

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Chest Press

woman barbell bench chest press, demonstrating exercise to get your best body ever

According to Cervantes, a great exercise to perform if you want to get your best body ever is one that builds muscle. Having more muscle means your body will torch a greater number of calories, even at rest. That's where the Chest Press comes in clutch. "This is a great exercise that hits the large muscles of the upper body, and if you do it correctly, it will work the entire body, giving you more bang for your buck if you are looking for fat loss," Cervantes says.

To perform the Chest Press, position yourself on your back on a flat bench. Use either a set of dumbbells or a barbell to press up above your chest, keeping the bar over your sternum. Make sure your lats are activated and your core is tight while you raise the bar up to the sky, straightening your elbows.

Cervantes suggests starting out with a lighter weight and performing 1 set of 10 to 15 Chest Presses as a warmup. From there, you can increase the intensity to 3 sets of 6 reps at least two times a week.

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man doing deadlift demonstrating exercise to get your best body ever

Cervantes also suggests performing Deadlifts. As she puts it, "This [exercise] can build the legs as well as the back—which are both HUGE muscle[s] and burn max calories. Build these, and you can be a fat-burning machine…considering you are good with your eating habits."

Recommending that you opt for the classic Deadlift stance or a sumo stance, Cervantes guides you through the conventional method. "Use a barbell, and stand with feet shoulder-width apart with shoelaces under the bar," she instructs. "Bend down and grab the bar. [Then, raise] the barbell from the ground, keeping the back from rounding and pressing through the feet. Use your glutes to get to a standing position."

This is another exercise you should perform at least twice a week. Do warmup sets first before tackling 3 sets of 12 reps with a "moderate" weight. Once you're totally comfortable and want to up the intensity, aim for 3 sets of 6 heavy Deadlifts.


women doing walk and talks for outdoor exercise

When it comes to making fat-burning exercises part of your regular routine, Cervantes says walking and getting more active in general are great ways to increase the number of calories you burn daily. "Most people think that doing one workout a day and then sitting at their desk for the rest of the day will help them lose weight/fat," Cervantes says, adding, "A one-hour workout is less than 5% of your calorie burn, whereas your non-exercise activity throughout your day can be done all day."

That's why Cervantes suggests doing things like parking further away when you can to get those extra steps in, opting for the stairs, gardening, and doing household chores like vacuuming. Heading outside for a walk to get away from your desk can benefit your mental health, while also helping you torch those extra calories you're trying to burn. Once you get into a solid routine, these little active breaks in your day will become second nature to you!

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woman performing dumbbell walking lunges, an exercise to get rid of a big belly

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