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Goldfish Are Now . . . a Potato Chip?!

A new Goldfish snack will have you thinking about the brand in a whole new way.

Goldfish is best known as the brand behind those iconic fish-shaped crackers you'll find in millions of lunch boxes across America. However, the company is soon launching a new product that will have you thinking about Goldfish in a whole new way.

The brand is taking a major step away from its classic cheesy crackers and launching a new spin on potato chips called Goldfish Crisps. This is a pretty big deal for Goldfish because it has never offered a potato-based snack before.

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These chips do differ slightly from a classic potato chip because they're baked instead of fried, just like the Goldfish crackers that customers know and love. They also come in classic fish shapes rather than the round or oval shapes you typically see with a potato chip. However, the flavors included in this new line of crisps should still be very recognizable to fans of classic potato chips: Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar, and Salt & Vinegar.

Goldfish Crisps
Courtesy of Goldfish

You can purchase these new baked snacks on the Walmart website starting on Dec. 15. Then, starting in January, you will be able to to purchase Goldfish Crisps at retailers nationwide. The snacks will sell for a suggested price of $4.79, but as always, prices could vary depending on the store.

With the upcoming launch of its new flavored crisps, Goldfish will be the latest major snack brand to branch out with a whole new kind of product in 2023. Late last month, for example, Kraft announced that it was launching its first-ever plant-based macaroni and cheese. The dairy-free macaroni and cheese comes in two flavors—Original and White Cheddar—and is hitting retailers now through early next year.

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The popular cream cheese brand Philadelphia also started selling its first-ever plant-based spread in retailers nationwide after seeing success during a regional test in the southeastern United States. The spreads are available in three flavors: Original, Strawberry, and Chive and Onion.

Even Reese's hasn't been afraid to get innovative with its classic peanut butter cups this year. Last month, the brand launched a new version of its Big Cups, which are larger than the original peanut butter cups, that features a layer of gooey caramel tucked under the peanut butter filling.

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