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Why Jennifer Garner Stashes 8 Bags of This Healthy Snack in Her Purse

The actress couldn't stop laughing as she kept discovering more and more food in her bag.

Jennifer Garner has amassed a lifelong fan following not just because of her exceptional talent as an actress but because of how down-to-earth and relatable she is in every public appearance. In a recent Instagram video, the Alias star hopped on the social media trend of making "what's in my bag" videos and took us on a guided tour through the contents of her backpack. The result? Nuts, nuts, and more nuts!

"I'm a little bit nervous," Garner confessed before going in, "but it feels appropriate to do 'What's in my bag?'" Without further ado, the actress pulled out a notebook, a two-sided glasses case, a case of pens, an iPad, and two books: The Whalebone Theatre, which she said she was reading with her 14-year-old daughter Seraphina Rose, and The Giver, which she's reading with 11-year-old son Samuel. After this array of books and stationary supplies, the fun began—and by fun we of course mean the onslaught of snacks.

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First up: RXBARs, two peanut butter and one chocolate chip, a bar of Tony's Chocolonely chocolate, an empty bag of SmartSweets Sweet Fish, a full bag of SmartSweets Sourmelon Bites, a bag of candy, a wrapped tea bag, and then so, so many nuts.

Garner first pulls out a mostly empty Ziploc bag full of mixed nuts before finding more and more snack packs of nuts tucked away—tins, sealed pouches, another Ziploc full of mixed nuts, so many she can't keep pulling them out without wheezing with laughter, eventually laying them all out in front of her and counting eight total packages of nuts that she'd had in her bag. You know, just in case of a snack emergency!

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"I'm so scared I'm not going to have any nuts," Garner chokes out while pulling out her snack array, and it's a highly relatable sentiment for the many fellow snackers weighing in on her post.

"I love that her nuts are also in a ziplock bag like us regular folks," one commenter weighed in, with another agreeing: "It's good to know that celebs also carry bags like that." Other nut enthusiasts also felt seen by Garner's selection but were equally inspired by the selection of candy she'd pulled before the nuts took over: "I feel much better about my bag now. It also contains nuts. More than one bag. It sounds like I need to add candy!"

While you may not need to carry around quite as many nuts as Garner seems to on a daily basis, there's no denying that the mom of three has a pretty optimal on-the-go snacking situation going on. Nuts are a great snack, filled with healthy fats and protein and perfect for fueling active days and satisfying your hunger between meals.

Garner's inclusion of candy in her bag also shows that she's not afraid to indulge in foods that bring her joy and satisfy her sweet tooth, and low-sugar candy company SmartSweets makes especially great products to satisfy cravings while ingesting less sugar. Garner's RXBARs are another excellent snacking option—they use as few ingredients as possible and stick to all-natural, minimally processed components like egg whites, dates, and, of course, nuts.

We already knew that Garner was an inspiration—we just didn't know she was aspirational in the snack department, too.

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