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7 Grocery Stores That Are Offering Flu Shots Right Now

Unfortunately, coronavirus isn't the only illness you have to worry about this fall.

Right now, it's almost impossible to think about anything except for taking precautions against coronavirus, but with fall right around the corner, getting your flu shot should be highly prioritized. According to the CDC, flu season begins to pick up in October, so now is the time to get vaccinated to best protect yourself from getting sick with the flu this year.

Everyone knows you can go to CVS and Walgreens to get your annual flu shot, but did you also know that you can get your shot at the same place you get your groceries? That's right, several grocery stores offer flu shots and some are even free with many insurance plans. Below, we pulled together a list of seven places where you can get your flu vaccine.


Albertsons store front

If Albertsons is your go-to grocery shopping spot, you should make sure to get your flu shot next time you stop in. Not only do they offer vaccines for adults, but they will also administer vaccinations to your little ones, starting at just three years old. And as if getting a free flu shot for you and your children wasn't enough, Albertsons is also offering a 10% coupon to use on your next grocery purchase for those who get immunized.


publix entrace

A Southeast favorite, Publix is also offering free flu vaccinations under most insurance plans. There's no appointment needed at the Publix Pharmacy (which is located within the Publix grocery stores) to get your flu shot, so why not swing by and get your vaccine before perusing the store for groceries? As an additional incentive, Publix is offering a $10 gift card for those who get their flu shot at the pharmacy.


giant food

It's important to get your flu shot, however, going to the grocery store can still you put you at risk of exposure to coronavirus. The Giant company hasn't forgotten that, which is why starting September 13 through October 17, the store will be offering a drive-up flu vaccination. This way you don't even need to get out of your car to get your shot, which is administered by a pharmacist, and no appointment is needed.



Kroger is another grocery giant that's offering flu shots right now. Similar to the other stores on this list, this vaccination is covered by most insurance plans so you can walk out of there without even making a dent in your wallet. All you need to do is make an appointment online where you can select your location, the immunization you're looking to get, as well as the time you want to come in. It's as easy as that.



For $19.99, Costco is offering adult seasonal flu shot immunizations administered at the Costco Pharmacy. You're welcome to walk-in or make an appointment but either way, the store recommends you come in with two copies of its immunization consent form filled out and signed. This way, you can devote more time to your grocery haul. If you're looking to get flu shots for your children, give your local Costco a call to double-check, as age restrictions may vary based on state. (Related: 7 Things You Had No Idea Costco Actually Sells).


Winn dixie store
Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Winn-Dixie is offering two versions of the flu shot this fall—the first is the typical influenza vaccination, while the other one is called the Influenza High Dose. Both options are available at all Winn-Dixie locations. After filling out the vaccine consent form, you can be in and out of the pharmacy in no time, and an appointment isn't necessary.

Stop & Shop

stop and shop

If you're in the Northeast, Stop & Shop is offering a quick and easy way to get vaccinated. Their trusted pharmacists can help you select the flu shot that is right for you, as they offer several different types. There are no appointments necessary in any of their 250 locations, which makes getting your vaccination that much easier. Because of COVID-19, stores are well-stocked with flu shots, as they are anticipating more individuals to come and get immunized.

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