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The #1 Healthiest Order at Texas Roadhouse, According to a Dietitian

Skip the country fried steak and opt for this dish instead.
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Fried pickles, potato skins, bone-in ribeye, fried chicken with gravy, giant burgers… These menu items make up just a fraction of the delicious yet extremely heavy orders available at Texas Roadhouse. And while these options represent some of the most popular types of orders at this restaurant chain, those who want something a bit lighter are in luck—as you can still find some healthier choices at Texas Roadhouse.

The challenge with Texas Roadhouse is similar to what you'll come across at most chain restaurants across America. Most of their offerings—even the lighter ones—are still going to be higher in calories, total fat, saturated fat, and sodium than what you'd normally throw together in a homecooked meal. However, we of course understand that life sometimes brings us to these chains, whether it's for a special night out with friends or just a busy weeknight when we lack the energy to cook for ourselves. So when we do find ourselves at a place like Texas Roadhouse but want something on the healthier side, it's helpful to know what options are available.

To learn about the healthiest order at Texas Roadhouse, we talked with registered dietitian Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD, who looked at the menu in its entirety, along with the restaurant's nutrition information. Read on to learn about the meal she selected as the "best" option, then check out The #1 Healthiest Order at Olive Garden.

The best order at Texas Roadhouse is…the Grilled Salmon Salad

plate of salmon salad from Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse
Nutrition (Per order):
Calories: 830
Fat: 55 g (Saturated Fat: 22 g, Trans Fat: 1.5 g)
Sodium: 1,310 mg
Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 6 g, Sugar: 9 g)
Protein: 66 g

Texas Roadhouse has a few entree salads to choose from, and according to Sabat, one of their most nutrient-dense options is the Grilled Salmon Salad. "Overall, the Grilled Salmon Salad strikes a balance between flavorful indulgence and nutritional excellence, making it the optimal choice for health-conscious diners at Texas Roadhouse," she says.

Made with greens, grilled salmon, egg, tomato, onion, cheese, bacon, and croutons, this salad offers up some important nutrients while keeping the overall calories and fat lower than most options on the Texas Roadhouse menu.

One important thing to note is that even though the numbers are lower in this dish than in other entree options, the sodium and saturated fat levels are still higher than what would normally be recommended to consume in one meal. To lower these levels, ask for no cheese or bacon, and take Sabat's advice of asking for your dressing on the side.

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The benefits of the Grilled Salmon Salad

This salad at Texas Roadhouse is the healthiest menu option for multiple reasons.

It contains healthy fats

"The grilled salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, providing essential nutrients that support heart health and overall well-being," says Sabat.

Omega-3s have been linked to several health benefits, such as reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and dementia, and even some cancers. These healthy fats have also been proven to help reduce levels of inflammation throughout the body.

Along with providing healthy fats, salmon is also rich in nutrients like selenium and vitamin B12.

It has more fiber than many of the main dishes

A nutrient that is incredibly hard to find among Texas Roadhouse's burgers, fries, steaks, and fried chicken meals, is fiber. But this salmon salad provides 6 grams of fiber—a number that may not seem like much, but when compared to other menu options, is quite significant.

"Pairing the salmon with a salad boosts its nutritional profile by adding a substantial dose of fiber," says Sabat, "a nutrient that promotes digestive health and aids in weight management."

Along with protein, fiber is a crucial nutrient for feeling satiated after eating, so this salad can help keep you full until your next meal.

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You'll get a big boost of protein

Protein isn't hard to find on the Texas Roadhouse menu with all of its meat-heavy options, but high-protein meals that come with healthy fats and fiber are much harder to find.

"With 66 grams of protein, this dish offers a satisfying and lean source of fuel for the body," says Sabat, "while keeping carbohydrate intake in check at just 19 grams—with 6 grams of fiber resulting in only 13 net carbs."

When you get enough protein in your meal, you'll feel more satiated and energized afterward. Over time, eating protein can help improve weight management, muscle health, immunity, and bone health, so it's important to aim for eating high-protein meals when you can.

If you find yourself craving a meal that is healthier and more nutrient-dense next time you visit Texas Roadhouse, try the Grilled Salmon Salad, and remember to order your dressing on the side if you want more control over your meal as a whole.

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