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The Best Way to Slice an Avocado, According to a Chef

We spoke with a culinary expert to get insight on how to correctly—and safely—cut an avocado.

Cutting an avocado may not exactly seem like a challenging task on the surface, but it's not as easy as it might seem. Think about it: How many times have you placed a ripe avocado on your cutting board and had a hard time making a clean cut into it? Have you ever misgauged where the pit sits within the avocado, and, after diving into the fruit, the knife bumps into the pit, causing it to slightly slip? That's one way you can accidentally make an incision into your precious finger! So, how do you properly cut an avocado?

Well, in an attempt to avoid any kitchen catastrophes from happening so you can enjoy this heart-healthy food, we spoke with an expert, Chef Vincent Olivieri from Fairway Market, to see just how he steers clear of an avocado casualty and—even more important—the messy accident that could follow a knife slip.

What's the best way to cut an avocado?

"Avocados are usually the main cause of kitchen slip-ups due to the fact that they're most often cut while in your hand," says Olivieri. He says the safest way to cut an avocado is to slice it as if it were a bagel.

Here's how can you can accomplish this in just five steps.

Step 1: Place the avocado on a cutting board.

Step 2: Start your cut lengthwise, hold your non-cutting hand over the knife so the dull side makes contact with your palm (more control), and cut through until you feel the pit.

Step 3: Raise the knife up, keep it stable, and carefully roll the avocado around the knife with your non-cutting hand. You should keep the knife in contact with the pit the whole time it's rotating.

Step 4: Once cut all the way around, hold both sides of the avocado and twist. It should open, leaving the pit in one side of it.

Step 5: Place the avocado with the pit back on your cutting board, and use a fork to stab into the pit. Hold the avocado and twist the fork. That should remove it. Once opened, you can cut into quarters and remove the skin easily.

Remember: Cutting it like a bagel is key.

The key to getting those perfect, intricate slices of avocado to top your omelet or tacos with—and to not chop your finger off in the process—means you'll have to remember to mimic the motions of how you would separate a bagel. If you keep that in mind as you start cutting, you're already off to the right start! And another tip to remember: If you want slivers of avocado for your dish, be sure to keep the skin while you cut, because you'll easily be able to remove it once it's been cut. But hey, this is a skill that takes practice, and if you don't end up with perfectly cut slices, you could always take your newly cut avocado and decide to make a fresh batch of guacamole.

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