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The Secret Trick That Helps You Stick To Your Workout Every Time

Follow up your HIIT or spinning sesh with this one habit, and you'll be on your way to weight loss in no time.

Maybe you swore you'd start a 30-day challenge on Monday, but it's already Tuesday and you haven't moved a muscle. Or perhaps you skipped that evening kickboxing class because happy hour sounded way more enjoyable. Either way, we all know how hard it is to squeeze workouts into our busy week; but while making time for a sweat sesh seems difficult, it's often getting ourselves to do it that poses the real challenge.

So what if there was one simple solution that'll help you finally start an exercise regimen and actually complete it every single time? Well, according to Popsugar, there is: pick a workout you enjoy—whether it's a spin class or a jog around the neighborhood—and when you're done, before you jump in the shower or reach for a protein shake, take a minute to jot down one positive takeaway.

Maybe you amped up your HIIT workout enough to enjoy an endorphin rush or you figured out a fun way to use those resistance bands, write it down. Even if the high point wasn't fitness related—perhaps you finally got the chance to savor the fall foliage or were grateful to Spotify for introducing you to a catchy new tune—focusing on the high point of your workout rather than the difficult parts will help motivate you next time you're considering throwing in the towel on your workout plan. Scribbling, typing, or even voice-recording your emotional and physical achievements will encourage you to realize that exercising can be enjoyable, enlightening, and sometimes even cathartic.

We already know what you're thinking: the only tiny caveat is that you'd have to get yourself to complete one workout in order to start jotting down your peak. Thankfully, we've got these 40 Tips for Motivation That Actually Work to help you board the exercise bandwagon—and this easy habit will help you actually stay on it.

April Benshosan
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