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In-N-Out Is Adding New Menu Items for the First Time Since 2018

The regional favorite hasn't expanded its menu in five years.

Throughout In-N-Out Burger's 70-year history, the chain has kept the menu relatively small and simple. So when the beloved regional burger slinger decides to add not just one, but two new menu items, it's major news.

In-N-Out announced via Instagram on Dec. 18 that it has launched two new beverage options: Cherry Coke and Lite Pink Lemonade.

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In a comment under the original post, In-N-Out confirmed that the new Lite Pink Lemonade replaced the Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade that was previously offered at its restaurants. But in good news for customers trying to cut back on their sugar intake, the new Lite Pink Lemonade also contains no sugar, the company said.

In-N-Out currently serves just six other soft drinks—Coke, Diet Coke, 7 Up, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and its Signature Pink Lemonade. So adding even two new options is a notable development.

"Now serving Lite Pink Lemonade and Cherry Coke! We are so excited to share two new options on our beverage menu that we think you are going to love! Stop by an In-N-Out Burger today to try our new beverages," the chain captioned the Instagram post.

Many were delighted to hear that there are now two fresh drink options at In-N-Out.

"BIG news," one Instagram user commented on the post.

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"CHERRY COKE. Just when I thought I couldn't love you guys anymore, bam!" another wrote.

The last time that In-N-Out added a new item to the menu was 2018, when it brought back hot cocoa. (The chain previously sold cocoa back in the 1950s, but the hot beverage left menus in the late 1970s). So this is the first time in roughly five years that customers have gotten something new to choose from.

This isn't the first time that In-N-Out has made headlines this month. When the chain opened its first-ever restaurant in Idaho on Dec. 12, local news outlets reported that the wait times were as high as eight hours. Even though the store has been open for more than a week now, customers are still spending hours in lines to get their food, the Idaho Statesman reported. In-N-Out also announced last month that it will expand to New Mexico for the very first time by 2027.

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