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The Best Indoor Exercises To Do With Your Dog This Summer

Take your pup's fitness activity to another level this season and beyond.

Did you know that your dog can actually benefit your physical fitness? Research has proven that people with a dog in their life are much more active than individuals without one, partly because walking your pup is an added fitness bonus, not a replacement for working out. In fact, taking a walk with your BFF (best furry friend) outside in the fresh air provides extra benefits for your mental health and encourages socialization in your community for the both of you. If this is motivating you to take your pup's fitness activity to another level in the summer weather, we have the best indoor exercises to do with your dog when it's too hot to get active outside.

Pet parents always cherish time spent with their fur babies. In the summertime when heat exhaustion for dogs is quite common, it's wise to limit outdoor activities with them as the temperatures soar. Not only can your pup feel pretty uncomfortable outside in the hot weather, but they can also feel distressed and even a bit belligerent. Like humans, dogs can suffer heatstroke, and it can potentially be fatal. It's your job to be mindful of this and know that some dates with your fur baby are better enjoyed inside where it's cooler and more comfortable for the both of you. shared some exercises to do with your dog that both you and your pup can have fun doing in the comfort of your own home. Before you get started with any physical activity, make sure you both have plenty of water that's convenient to get at so you can stay hydrated, and have some fun!

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woman doing yoga with her dog, doga, indoors

Doga is a fun exercise that's also very relaxing, mentally stimulating, and simply a wonderful way to interact with your sweet pup. It's an instant mood lifter and will easily relieve any excess anxiety you may be carrying from the day. Hey—if you feel less stressed, so will your dog!

Doga involves you helping your pup do their own yoga positions, from Chaturanga to Chair Pose to Downward-Facing Dog. You can also work in your own yoga poses, and your dog will probably enjoy watching you. Either way, it will be a relaxing form of exercise enjoyed by all.

The Puppy Paw Mudra is a great pose to do with your dog, and explains it works just like this. Have your dog lay down in front of you as you kneel behind them. Next, kneel over the top of your pooch, lengthening one of your hands over their legs. Move your head on your pup from one side to the other, and repeat several times. This is a trust-building exercise, and you will both love it!

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Fun training sports

active woman training dog, exercises to do with your dog indoors

Don't dismiss playing some good old-fashioned indoor games! There are several ways to keep your dog active and entertained when you're hanging out inside. recommends planning some indoor swimming or practicing a few high leaps with some soft throw toys. Do some wrestling together, or have a game of tug-of-war. Be creative, and design an obstacle course.

Any of these activities can provide a mini workout session, as well as lots of fun with your BFF. Don't forget to take a few snaps while you're at it!

Hide-and-seek with treats

dog bringing toy to owner inside, hide and seek

You can also play a game of hide-and-seek with your dog's favorite treats. You can hide certain toys around the house, and ask your dog to find them. Just make sure you heighten the stakes with fun treats after your pup finds the toys.

You can stay active while your pooch is toy-seeking, too. After all, this is supposed to be good exercise for both of you! Jog in place, or jog around the house during the hunt.

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Interactive dog toys

treat dispensing dog toy from Amazon

Interactive dog toys are a great way to prevent your fur baby from getting bored, and they will provide some solid indoor exercise. Whether you choose a treat-dispensing puzzle toy, responsive toy, or high-tech toy, they are all always fun. Try something new and fun while your pup is playing next to you, like a mini trampoline, hula hoop, or jump rope.

Active behavior lesson

woman training her dog with ball, exercises to do with your dog indoors

Another exercise you can plan is a behavior lesson. During the hot weather, it's a great time to work on training exercises with your dog indoors, and they'll be much better prepared to listen to you when you are outside together or in a different environment away from home sweet home.

Don't forget that every type of exercise benefits your body and your mind. So even downtime spent with simple cuddles and puppy kisses is a great wellness workout that will be therapeutic for both of you.

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