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KFC's Chicken-Scented Firelog Is Already Sold Out at Walmart

It's the fried chicken joint's one and only zero-calorie offering.

Bells are ringing, children are singing, holiday magic permeates the air—and so does the sweet smell of fried chicken.

That's right, chicken fans: Kentucky Fried Chicken brought back its insanely popular 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog (which does indeed smell like fried chicken) for a second year. And just like last season, it sold out in a matter of hours. Made by Enviro-Log, the incredible collaboration will—after shipments go out, of course—fill houses everywhere with KFC's signature savory scent. This particular item is crafted out of 100-percent recycled wax cardboard, so it's fairly eco-friendly, too.

The logs were being sold at Walmart. Though it was initially made available on December 5th, by noon on December 6th, the stock was completely depleted.

If you didn't snatch a firelog in time, worry not—there's still hope! People aren't just buying these for themselves, so hopefully you'll get one as a gift. Even KFC suggests wrapping logs up for Secret Santa or White Elephant exchanges, which begs the question: Is this thing supposed to be a gag gift or the most enviable item on the table? Either way, if their huge popularity is any indicator, chances are high you stumble upon a log or two this season.

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The fast-food establishment has visions for fried-chicken fires that go beyond gifting, too.

"We hope you'll cuddle up with your family or friends with a bucket of our world-famous fried chicken and a warm fried chicken-scented fire this holiday season," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's chief marketing officer for the United States. She added that, alongside Walmart, the company's aim is simple: "to spread the finger-lickin' good cheer."

The logs sold for $18.99 each, which is right in the typical holiday gift swap range, but it's also steep compared to Enviro-Log's basic pack: six full logs for a little bit more than $16. That said, it's a firelog that smells like fried chicken, so it's truly one unique experience. (It's also KFC's only zero-calorie offering. We think it's worth it!)

KFC's website warns that the firelog "may attract bears or hungry neighbors" and reminds you that, even though your fire will smell like chicken, it's only actually safe to stick your face in or near one of Colonel Sanders' actual chicken buckets: "Don't put face directly near the fire to smell fried chicken. Come to a restaurant for that."

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