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Khloé Kardashian Lives by This Diet & Workout To Stay Ultra-Fit

The celeb is queen when it comes to serving up major fitness inspiration.

Khloé Kardashian is queen when it comes to serving up major fitness inspiration. The 38-year-old reality TV star, entrepreneur, and socialite has guided fans through her workouts and healthy eating journey over the years, and we're living for it all. Research provided by online fitness resource Total Shape investigated the exercise habits and diets of some of the top celebs, and we have the scoop on Kardashian.

According to Total Shape, Kardashian worked with Joel Bouraima (aka "Coach Joe") and Dr. Philip Goglia to create an eating plan backed by science and a vigorous HIIT-based fitness routine to revamp her mind and physique. Keep reading to learn more about this celeb's diet and workout regimen. And next, don't miss Kourtney Kardashian Shared A 10-Minute Arm Workout That's Ultra-Effective.

Khloé Kardashian's diet:

Khloe Kardashian
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There are some key factors that went into Khloé Kardashian's diet, according to Total Shape. For one, diets backed by science are the name of the game. Second, having cheat meals are totally acceptable every so often. And lastly, keeping yourself hydrated is essential. According to PEOPLE, drinking plenty of H2O is actually one of Dr. Goglia's top-recommended tips for getting lean.

Kardashian's regular diet is chock-full of protein and low-carb, Total Shape reports. A day in Kardashian's life may start off with almond butter and jam as a pre-workout treat. Breakfast might be eggs and oats with berries and flaxseed powder.

Dr. Goglia previously revealed to Healthista that Khloé Kardashian enjoys a shake comprised of one tablespoon of almond butter, one scoop of whey protein powder, fruit, water, and ice to kick off the day. He also told the outlet, "When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, it's 80 percent in the kitchen and twenty percent in the gym."

Snacks throughout the day may include nuts, fruits, veggies, berries, and almonds. Lunch consists of fish or chicken paired with a side of broccoli, beets, or spinach and salad. To finish off her meals for the day, Khloé K will have a dinner of fish with more veggies and salad.

Khloé Kardashian's workout routine:

When it comes to fitness, Khloé K's workout routine includes total-body jump roping and cardio, according to Shape. She previously revealed in her Instagram Story, "I always warm up before [my workout]. I do cardio before [my workout] for like, 20 to 30 minutes." She's also a big fan of Pilates.

Khloé K hits up the gym five days every week, performing HIIT and full-body workouts, and exercises like pushups, mountain climbers, tricep dips, side planks, high knee jumps, and bicycle crunches. Her end game is to get stronger and make the most of her weight loss efforts, according to Total Shape. And thank goodness for weekends, because that's when Kardashian recovers from her intense sessions!

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