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Here's What People Are Saying About Kim Kardashian's Massive Walk-In Fridge

It's "basically an entire house."

On January 7th, 2020, Kim Kardashian West posted a fairly nondescript photo on Twitter of herself posing in front of her fridge. Ostensibly, the post was promotional in nature, meant to show off the latest restock of her SKIMS collection, the reality star's immensely popular shapewear line. But eagle-eyed fans picked up on something else: Kardashian West's fridge was stocked with nothing but milk, milk, and, more milk.

The internet pounced. "Is this a 'got milk' advertisement because you have literally every kind in that fridge," one follower sounded off in the comments on Twitter. Another jokingly asked if she "eat[s] air." But many users astutely wondered if this was merely a backup fridge—a space purely for oat milks and lactose-free blends that just happens to be far-removed from the real deal.

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Well, those folks were entirely right. As Kardashian West recently confirmed in a follow-up tweet, her real fridge is massive—like, "bigger than most NYC studio apartments" massive:

The video, which she also posted on her Instagram Stories, quickly racked up 6 million views, and the jokes started flowing like water (or, uh, like milk):

Some decided to compare it to their own comparatively sparse offerings:

While others compared it to the massive fridge in Brad Bird's seminal culinary film, Ratatouille:

But if there's one thing people were most taken aback by, it's the fact that Kardashian West has an entire fro-yo machine in her house:

How (literally) cool is that? And for another look into the superstar's lifestyle, Here's What Kim Kardashian Eats for Breakfast to Stay in Amazing Shape.

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