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People Waited in Lines for Hours to Try These Foods in 2022

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Americans are foodies all year round, but the commitment doesn't stop at finding the best spots. Social media has expanded our horizons even further by exposing the best and must-try menu items across the nation, many of which are even worth standing in line for 6-plus hours!

You might recall the obsession with cronuts throughout New York back in 2013, where patrons would voluntarily wait down blocks and blocks, to get a taste of what everyone was talking so much about. Dominique Ansel's NYC bakery held the title of "The Longest Cronut Line In The History Of Cronut Lines," by Gothamist, and trademarked the Cronut name after just nine days on the market. People were so captivated by, "if someone is standing in this long line, it must be good", that they took the trend and ran with it.

In 2022, there were four foods that sparked the same kind of feeding frenzy. Through viral TikTok videos and tons of news coverage, these four items were so popular that people waited in lines for hours for a taste.

 7 Viral TikTok Food Trends That Define 2022


Lafayette croissant

In early April of 2022, Lafayette Bakery launched a large, circular, over-stuffed croissant that went viral on Tik Tok and Instagram. Hundreds of videos have now since surfaced where customers tease viewers by dramatically splitting the croissant down the middle and exposing it's ooey-gooey, delicious ganache filling. What's also come to light is the fact that to get one's hands on this nearly $9 sweet treat, many people stood in line for hours on end.

There have been multiple reports claiming that the wait time to receive a Lafayette croissant can be anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. Plus, as popularity has reached an all-time high, the restaurant only allows the purchase of one croissant per customer (even though there are various flavor options).

While New York City is a hot spot for unique restaurants and all the cuisine combinations you could ever think of, this specific pastry has also caused major traction in the tourism department. People have traveled from all over the world—from places like Mexico to Israel—to try the perfectly flakey croissant, according to famous TikToker, jacksdiningroom.


Franklin BBQ brisket

Franklin BBQ brisket
Franklin BBQ / Facebook

Giving the joint a pat on the back, Franklin BBQ is said to serve "the best barbecue in the known universe," according to Texas Monthly. However, to get a taste of this legendary meat on any given day, you'll likely be looking at a 4-hour line to wait in (if you're lucky!).

Doors open at 11 a.m., but throughout this year, people have begun lining up for this small-town staple as early as eight or nine in the morning. Fans of fall-off-the-bone ribs and beef so tender that it doesn't require a knife make their way to Austin, TX from around the country to get their mouths rocked.

"I thought the food, especially the brisket, was deserving of its stellar reputation and long lines," wrote Insider reviewer, Erin McDowell.


Figment popcorn bucket

Figment popcorn
Courtesy of Disney

Maybe it seems like Disney is always coming out with new and fun limited-time-only collectible souvenirs, but this year, foodies sprinted to get in line for one in particular. Figment, the happy purple dragon that's known for guarding the land of Epcot at Disney World in Florida, was *magically* turned into a one-of-a-kind popcorn bucket you can wear around your neck!

Ever since the highly-anticipated product was introduced on Jan. 14, a long line has wrapped all around around the park with expected wait times of 6-7 hours! The bright purple and pink Figment bucket comes full of rainbow popcorn and has a special lanyard so Disney fans can wear the beloved character and enjoy a tasty snack as they walk around the park.

As supplies started to dwindle and people saw how insanely long the wait was to get the popcorn bucket, some found the souvenir being sold on eBay for $300 or sometimes more.


ITS CRAZY OUT HERE 😳😳 what happens if the park closes before people get it 😅 #disneyworld #epcot #figment

♬ Hell To Da Naw Naw Naw – Bishop Bullwinkle

 7 Viral TikTok Food Trends That Define 2022


David Dobrik Pizza

david dobrik pizza
u/mahdy89 / Reddit

When a famous YouTuber opens a pizza shop, a lot of loyal fans and intrigued food reviewers follow. David Dobrik Pizza just opened its doors in West Hollywood in November and it has already had lines around the block ranging from one to seven hours long.

Dobrik himself boasted a big online career through YouTube vlogs, posting videos with his friends doing eye-catching challenges, and gifting hundred-thousand-dollar cars to people of his choosing. Today, his vibrant store invites customers to grab a slice or a whole pie of thick-crust, cheesy pizza, along with the gift of a Dobrik token.

When you're inside the restaurant you get the option of using your flashy coin to get a free scoop of ice cream at the counter or pay for a 15-second dance party, starting with the push of a big red button. The whole experience has drawn much attention on social media and business hasn't slowed down yet.


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