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Lose Saddlebag Fat Fast With These 3 Easy Exercises

Your thighs will look better than ever with this simple workout plan.
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If you're trying to get rid of saddlebag fat, you're certainly not alone. Basically, "saddlebag fat" is the excess fat that accumulates on the outer side of your upper thighs. You may notice it when you try to slip into your favorite pair of jeans, and it's a pretty tight squeeze. Don't stress, though, because saddlebags are something you can reduce and tone up with just the right fitness plan and healthy food choices (aka lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds). We chatted with Soji James, a life expert and certified personal trainer at 1AND1 Life who shares with us three easy exercises that will help you lose saddlebag fat fast and get into shape.

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One-legged Hip Thrust With a Hold

woman performing hip thrust exercise

You'll need to have a small set of weights on deck in order to tackle the one-legged hip thrust with a hold. James suggests performing 20 reps per leg for this exercise and using a couch for back support.

Begin the movement by holding the weights above your hips. From there, engage in single-leg hip thrusts by lifting the weight of your body with just one leg at a time. At the same time, keep your other leg up and off the ground. After you complete 20 hip thrusts with each leg, bring both legs to the floor, and remain in the hip thrust position for 30 seconds. "This will target your glutes like crazy," James says.

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Weighted Single-Leg Raise

three-pound set of dumbbells

When it comes to weighted single-leg raises, James says they target the gluteus minimus, which is a smaller muscle in your backside area that sits right below the gluteus medius muscle. By toning both muscles, you should see progress in your saddlebag area.

To perform the exercise, James explains, "Hold a small weight on the side of your leg. [Then,] raise your leg to the side in a controlled motion." Keep that going until you complete your reps. Aim for 15 reps per leg.

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Weighted Squats With a Twist

woman performing weighted dumbbell squat, exercise to lose saddlebag fat fast

Keep your small set of weights around for this exercise which will give your quads a good workout. At the same time, weighted squats will target your glutes and help you burn saddlebag fat—especially since this version includes a twist.

Begin the movement with the weights close to your body. Perform a normal squat. The twist comes in between squats, which is when you'll want to "pause to cross one leg behind the other," James says. Aim to do 10 reps.

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