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Madonna Looks So Fit at 64 and These Are Her Secrets

The "Queen of Pop" never stops crushing life.

Madonna is truly an extraordinary singer, songwriter, and actress, it's no wonder why she's been dubbed the "Queen of Pop." Not only is the iconic entertainer known for her ability to inventively impress and deliver great music to her fans for nearly 40 years, but Madonna also looks amazing at 64 years old, and here are her healthy secrets.

Madonna never stops crushing life. In fact, she had a "water bear" named after her in 2006 when researchers discovered a microscopic water-dwelling organism, according to E! News. Why did they choose Madonna to be its namesake? It seems the species is pretty much invincible and has a lifespan of close to 120 years. Oh, and it doesn't need to eat or drink. That's right—most other living species would not be able to thrive and survive like a water bear!

The Material Girl is a firm believer in staying fit and has done much to prove it. She said of Hard Candy Fitness centers, which she founded in 2010 and has since opened up centers throughout the world, "I'm happy to share my workouts with everyone. I think it's fun to get in a room and sweat with people," according to Life & Style.

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What is Madonna's workout routine?

How does she sweat? Well, the superstar reportedly exercises six out of seven days a week. In the past, she's filled her routine with aerobics, circuit training, interval training, dance, jogging, and Pilates. She revealed, "I wasn't born with Gisele Bündchen's body. So you got to work for it," adding, "I've always danced and exercised. I like keeping things interesting, shocking my body" (via Life & Style).

More recently, Madonna added Ashtanga yoga into her lifestyle. It's a pretty strenuous workout, as each series can last anywhere from one and a half to three hours. Madonna explained, "Ashtanga is much more physical than other types of yoga," adding, "It's kind of like dancing."

What is Madonna's diet?

According to Women's Health Australia, Madonna maintains a macrobiotic diet, which was created by a Japanese philosopher back in the 90s. If you're unfamiliar with the macrobiotic diet, part of it includes whole grains such as brown rice, rolled oats, and wholemeal pasta and bread. The next part is veggies and fruit, and the final portion is all about beans. Some include seeds and nuts, along with fish and meat every now and then.

As far as what you can't have on the macrobiotic diet, sugar is a major no-no, along with caffeine, alcohol, and any processed items. Overall, this diet is filled with healthy fruits and veggies you'll be putting into your body, along with fiber and antioxidants, Women's Health Australia noted.

Madonna uses these skincare products to keep her skin looking so youthful.

Healthy, glowing skin is also a priority when it comes to Madonna's self-care. According to W Magazine, she's worked with a personal esthetician, Tarin Graham, to assure her skin is cared for properly.

Graham revealed to the outlet the daily regimen she recommended for Madonna, explaining, "Washing her face with MDNA SKIN The Face Wash morning and night; applying MDNA SKIN The Rose Mist frequently (this is her absolute favorite product, she uses this throughout the day); applying MDNA SKIN The Eye Serum—this is super soothing on the eyes and helps reduce puffiness; applying MDNA SKIN The Face Serum twice a day, which provides ultra hydration, yet it's so lightweight so it won't clog pores; and ending with MDNA SKIN The Finishing Cream—this is enriched with hydrating ingredients and provides an illuminating glow."

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