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A Popular McDonald's Snack Has Gotten Much Smaller, Customers Say

Customers are complaining about "shrinkflation" taking place at the chain.

McDonald's has been taking heat this past year from customers reporting noticeably smaller portion sizes of its Quarter Pounder with Cheese. But the signature burger isn't the only McDonald's item facing size complaints.

Customers recently slammed the Golden Arches over its apple slices after a TikToker showed off a surprisingly stingy serving she got with a recent order. TikToker @ahlaysia_ explained in a video that she stops by McDonald's every day after work to get an iced tea, a large order of fries, and apple slices as a snack. However, she said the portions haven't been nearly as generous lately as they used to be.

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Not only was her large order of fries looking more like a medium, but her package of apple slices felt "a little light" when she pulled it out of the McDonald's bag. The reason? There were only two apple slices in the whole bag.

She opened up the package on camera and pulled out the two measly slices to prove that she wasn't "losing my mind." She also called McDonald's "disrespectful" over the whole situation.

Other TikTokers were just as outraged at the stingy serving of apples and noted that there used to be as many as six or seven slices per package. Some even suggested that it was the latest sign of "shrinkflation" taking place at McDonald's—basically, giving customers reduced amounts of a product without proportionate price decreases.

"Shrinkflation is so real. Everything is getting smaller and the prices are going up it's insane," one person commented on the video.

"We still pay full price and they give us half a product," another wrote.

Of course, it's possible that a production error is to blame, but this doesn't seem to be a one-off issue. Several other McDonald's customers chimed in saying they've also been receiving fewer apple slices per package.

"Had some last week the exact same way," a customer wrote.

"I recently got apples and had the same experience," another commented.

McDonald's did not immediately respond to our queries for comment.

Smaller portion sizes aren't the only major customer grievances against McDonald's lately. In late May, TikToker @hellomatthewlong slammed the chain in a video over its "insane" prices for menu items like fries and hash browns. The video inspired a wave of criticism from other customers who were fed up with how costly the fast-food chain has become.

"I stopped going there when they start jacking the prices….I'm done with McDonald's!" one TikToker commented.

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