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McDonald's Is Testing Out a Beyond Meat Burger

Forget the Impossible Burger. McDonald's is giving Beyond Meat burger a try.

The demand for plant-based burgers has surged within the past year with many fast food and restaurant chains worldwide adding at least one meatless option to their respective menus. The next one to introduce a plant-based burger is the king of the fast-food empire: McDonald's.

Mickey D's will be testing out a burger made with Beyond Meat patties in select restaurant locations in Canada for 12 weeks starting September 30. The sandwich will appear on menus as the P.L.T. which stands for, you guessed it, plant, lettuce, and tomato. According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald's Beyond Meat burger will only be served in 28 locations in southwest Ontario and will go for 6.49 Canadian dollars (or about $4.90 U.S. dollars).

Is this McDonald's first plant-based menu item?

It's actually not, but there's a reason why you likely haven't heard about it—it's only served in India. That's right the McAloo Tikki sandwich, a veggie patty made with potatoes and flavors that mimic the taste of samosas, launched just last year.

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McDonald's locations in Finland and Sweden also introduced the McVegan Burger in 2017 as a test, which turned into a permanent menu item just last year after 150,000 of the burgers were sold in the first month alone.

Now with the launch of the P.L.T in Canada, maybe Mickey D's next plant-based burger will launch in the U.S.

Are any other beloved brands launching new plant-based menu items?

As far as fast-food chains selling Beyond Meat-based menu items go, Tim Horton's beat McDonald's to the punch by debuting faux meat sausage breakfast patties and burgers in Canada this past summer.

Even Dunkin' got into the plant-based arena recently with its Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Sandwich, which launched in July in New York City.

Del Taco was really ahead of the curb, having launched two Beyond Tacos nationwide in April.

OK, McDonald's when are you going to bring the P.L.T to the U.S.? How much more patient can we possibly be? We're hoping for a successful run in Canada so it makes its way to the United States soon.

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