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McDonald's Is Bringing Back a Popular Halloween Item

The beloved Spooky Season accessory is returning!

The McRib isn't the only old-school favorite returning to McDonald's this fall. The fast-food chain is about to get into the Halloween spirit with the release of its beloved trick-or-treating pail, also known as the "Boo Bucket," according to Instagram account @snackolator.

Last week, the account announced that McDonald's will be reviving the popular Halloween item, adding that it will be available in four designs—as opposed to the usual three—starting Oct. 17. When purchasing a Happy Meal, customers can choose between a green Frankenstein, an orange pumpkin, a white mummy, or a purple vampire pail. And while official word from McDonald's still hasn't been issued, we think it's safe to say we're in for another year of spookalicious Happy Meals.

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After @snackolator announced the news, McDonald's fans shared their excitement in the comment section. "I love them all! Glad they're back this year," one wrote. "They're adorable," another one added.

However, not everyone welcomed this announcement with delight. Many noted their disappointment that the item doesn't come with an actual lid. (Although the ads depict Boo Buckets featuring what appears to be lids, last year's pails had two-dimensional illusion lids that were actually attached to the handles.)

"They still can't give us a proper lid?? No thanks," one Instagrammer commented. "I didn't get last years because it didn't have a lid. Looks like I'm doing the same this year," another one said.

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In 2022, McDonald's reintroduced the Halloween pails for the first time in six years. Design options included a white ghost (known as McBoo), an orange pumpkin (McPunk'n), and a green goblin (McGoblin). The fast-food chain first launched its Boo Buckets in these three choices back in 1986. Since their debut, the Halloween pails have been available in various designs over the years.

Although the Boo Buckets were initially intended to be used for trick-or-treating, people have gotten creative with repurposing the festive item. Some uses include transforming the pail into a plant pot, turning it into a cocktail bucket, or styling it as an accessory.

In addition to McDonald's, Burger King will also be giving away Halloween-themed pails, called "Trick-or-Heat" buckets, according to TODAY. Starting Oct. 13, which is also Friday the 13th, Burger King fans in select locations can score these limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark buckets, which are inspired by the chain's new ghost pepper menu items that are dropping on Oct. 12.

Burger King's "Trick-or-Heat" buckets will be available with any purchase for $1 in Nashville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Charlotte, N.C.

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