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McDonald's Is Phasing Out the Holiday Pie and Replacing It With Another Popular Seasonal Item

Blueberries and créme fill the air.

While most McDonald's fans order a Big Mac meal or the chain's legendary French fries, some fans absolutely adore certain items on the dessert menu (that is, of course, when the ice cream machine is actually working). Now that the holiday season is on its last leg, McDonald's is phasing out the Holiday Pie—filled with smooth vanilla custard and ​​topped with rainbow sprinkles—in order to bring back the Blueberry & Créme Pie.

The sweet treat was first seen at McDonald's this week when an employee in Iowa posted a Tik Tok heating and packing up the mini pies, Chewboom writes. Inside a Blueberry & Crème Pie, you'll find both blueberries and vanilla-flavored crème at the heart of McDonald's premium, flaky pie crust served warm every time.

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Word is that the pies are popping up in select locations and will be available for a limited time, so be sure to check your local McDonald's to see if you are one of the lucky ones. We reached out to McDonald's reps to see what locations were getting the treat and we will update this article if they respond.

Blueberry & Crème Pie-loving fans are eager to get their hands on one as the dessert hasn't been seen since last year around this time, and before that, its last appearance was in 2017. As for finding the Blueberry & Crème Pie, prices and availability will vary by location, but on average the dessert costs $1.29 for one or $2.19 for two, according to Brand Eating.

There are quite a few similar menu items that hardcore McDonald's fans wait for all year long, including the aforementioned Holiday Pie. The Shamrock Shake for one—which only appears around St. Patrick's Day—is a cult favorite, but there's also the slim hope that Spicy Chicken McNuggets will magically make another comeback after becoming extremely popular but short-lived back in 2021. And, of course, fans eagerly await the McRib which was supposedly on its farewell tour in 2022.


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