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McDonald's Is Bringing Back Its Massive Double Big Mac This Month

Featuring double the beef and extra Big Mac sauce!
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If McDonald's Big Mac has never been quite 'big' enough to satiate your appetite, prepare yourself for some exciting news. The fast-food chain is finally bringing back an extra-large version of the famous burger that hasn't been available for years.

McDonald's just announced that the Double Big Mac is returning to menus nationwide on Jan. 24. A classic Big Mac features two beef patties, special sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce, chopped onion, and a slice of American cheese on a sesame seed bun. The Double Big Mac is exactly the same—aside from sporting a whopping four beef patties and extra Big Mac sauce. 

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"Did someone order a glow-up? McDonald's legendary Big Mac is getting bigger (and saucier) in 2024…and we have the official scoop," McDonald's said in the announcement.

McDonald's Double Big Mac

This won't be the first time McDonald's fans have gotten the opportunity to sample the oversized sandwich. The fast-food giant offered the Double Big Mac for a limited time back in March 2020. Per Nation's Restaurant News, the sandwich has also been available in Canada and Great Britain.

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Other interesting spins on the classic Big Mac have graced the McDonald's menu over the years as well. When McDonald's first launched the Double Big Mac in the United States in 2020, it also introduced a smaller, limited-edition "Little Mac" with one beef patty instead of two. Additionally, McDonald's restaurants in the United Kingdom and Canada have previously sold a rare Chicken Big Mac that replaces the beef patties with chicken patties.

If the Double Big Mac has piqued your interest, don't wait too long before heading over to your local Mickey D's to pick one up later this month. The sandwich will only be available for a limited time. McDonald's didn't provide any pricing information for the limited-edition burger.

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The sizable Double Big Mac will return less than two months after the fast-food chain revealed that it plans to introduce bigger burgers in the future. Jo Sempels, McDonald's president of international developmental licensed markets, said during a Dec. 6 investors meeting that data and research showed that customers want larger burgers that can satisfy bigger appetites, are easy to access, and aren't too pricey. McDonald's plans to test bigger burger options in a few markets and then roll them out across the globe once it finds one it wants to stick with, Sempels added.

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