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McDonald's Customers Stunned By "Outrageous" Price Of Popular Sandwich

Customers say this popular McDonald's item isn't as affordable as it once was.

Fast-food chains like McDonald's have always stuck to a key premise: giving us a quick, convenient, and tasty meal at an affordable price. But customers have been complaining for months that certain menu items at the Golden Arches are becoming ridiculously expensive–and a popular sandwich is the latest on that list.

A TikToker went viral this week for calling out the fast-food giant over the price of the McChicken. In a video with nearly two million views, user @214bryann mimed wiping away tears while unwrapping a McChicken. Text overlaid on the video read: "POV: When a McChicken from McDonald's now cost $5."

 A Popular McDonald's Snack Has Gotten Much Smaller, Customers Say


I remember when them hoes used to be free 😩 #mcdonalds #fyp


For context, the McChicken has always been one of the more affordable McDonald's sandwiches. It used to be featured on the chain's now-defunct dollar menu and is currently one of the options on the tiered $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu that McDonald's introduced in 2018.

The TikToker didn't say where McDonald's is purportedly charging $5 for a McChicken right now—the menu item is currently priced at $3.29 at a McDonald's restaurant near me in New Jersey. Still, many chimed in on the video, agreeing that the McChicken isn't nearly as affordable as it used to be.

"That's outrageous," one user commented on the video.

"I remember that they used to be a dollar," another wrote.

Prices for any McDonald's menu items can vary widely throughout the country and some TikTokers noted that the McChicken has remained relatively affordable in their areas. This is because the vast majority of McDonald's restaurants are independently operated by franchisees who have the ability to set their own prices, per the McDonald's website. However, the sheer number of customers who complained about the costly McChicken indicates that price increases aren't a limited issue.

McDonald's did not immediately respond to our queries for comment on the McChicken complaints.

This is only the latest instance where McDonald's faced backlash over its prices in 2023. TikToker @hellomatthewlong also slammed the chain in a viral May video over its "insane" prices for fries and hash browns. That video also set off a wave of criticism from other customers frustrated over McDonald's current prices.

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