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McDonald's McRib Is Returning to Select Locations Despite Being Discontinued

Here's where you can find the sandwich once it makes its grand return.

McRib fans, rejoice! McDonald's is officially bringing back the famous barbecue pork sandwich a little more than a year after discontinuing the menu item. But during the upcoming rerelease, customers may have a harder time getting their hands on a McRib than in previous launches.

Rumors that a McRib relaunch was on the horizon began swirling in late September when the food-focused social media account Snackolator posted about the return on Instagram. Then in early October, McDonald's confirmed to Eat This, Not That! that the McRib would return in mid-November following its "Farewell Tour" to send off the sandwich in late 2022. 

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"It turns out not everyone was ready to say goodbye to the McRib after last year's Farewell Tour," McDonald's USA said in a statement at the time.

While the McRib has been offered on a national basis in the past, McDonald's said that it would only be available at select restaurants during the 2023 launch. However, the chain didn't specify exactly where customers would be able to purchase the sandwich during the limited rerelease–until now. 

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The McRib will return to restaurants in Greater Indiana and Southwest Michigan starting Nov. 11, local Indiana news outlet WPTA reported. The Columbus Dispatch reported that the menu item will also be available in Ohio McDonald's restaurants for a limited time starting on Nov. 11. Restaurants in Kentucky will also offer the sandwich, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

Customers can take advantage of the fan-run McRib Locator website to see exactly which McDonald's locations the item has been spotted at. But because the website relies on user input to share these sightings, fans should still directly confirm the McRib's availability with any restaurants where sightings have been reported before heading over. 

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Last year was actually the fourth time that McDonald's launched a Farewell Tour for the McRib to give it one last hurrah before retiring it from menus. So when the news emerged that it was coming in 2023 following its discontinuation, many customers were far from shocked. 

"Not surprising that one of the best fast-food items wouldn't go away forever," a customer wrote on Reddit last month.

But even though the McRib's return isn't completely unexpected, diehard fans were delighted over the news 

"I sold my soul for the McRib to come back again, you're welcome," a customer wrote last month on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

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