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McDonald's Just Quietly Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Drink

The popular Oreo beverage was last available in the summer of 2023.
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Just in time for summer, McDonald's is giving its customers a much-needed way to cool down from the imminent heat with the return of a popular frozen beverage last available in 2023. 

That's right: McDonald's just brought back its fan-favorite Oreo Frappé! Though the fast-food chain itself hasn't officially announced the drink's relaunch, several customers and food bloggers have already reported on its return in the past few days. I also spotted it on the menu at my local McDonald's in central New Jersey. 

The Oreo Frappé (650 calories per medium drink) is a sweet, blended treat made with chocolate flavor, a hint of coffee, and Oreo cookie pieces. It's topped with whipped cream and garnished with even more Oreo cookie pieces.

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McDonald's first introduced the offering in 2015—and it immediately began garnering rave reviews from customers. Following an eight-year hiatus, McDonald's finally relaunched the Oreo Frappé for a limited time in 2023 before bringing the treat back again this month. 

A medium-sized Oreo Frappé is currently selling for $4.19 at my local McDonald's, though prices may vary by location. It was not immediately clear if the Oreo Frappés are currently being offered nationwide or just in select markets, and a McDonald's representative did not immediately respond to our queries for more details on the item's availability. 

McDonald's McCafé OREO Frappé


While we can't say for sure how long the Oreo Frappé will stick around this time without an official McDonald's announcement, it's safe to assume that it will be available for a limited time since the chain has only sold it on a temporary basis in the past.

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This isn't the only exciting menu launch that McDonald's customers have been treated to this year. Earlier this week, the chain announced two brand-new spins on its signature McCrispy chicken sandwich: a Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy (630 calories) and a Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy (630 calories).

The first features a southern-style fried chicken fillet topped with applewood smoked bacon, crinkle-cut pickles, and a creamy Cajun ranch sauce on a toasted potato roll. The deluxe version is exactly the same but replaces the pickles with shredded lettuce and Roma tomatoes. Though the sandwiches are supposed to hit menus nationwide for a limited starting on April 22, some McDonald's locations have already started offering them.

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McDonald's bagel breakfast sandwiches—which were discontinued in 2020 but began quietly returning to select markets in November 2022—have also been popping up in more parts of the country this year. New Orleans, southern California, central Pennsylvania, St. Louis, and Nashville are among the markets where the bagels have been spotted recently.

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