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McDonald's Shamrock Shake Is Finally Returning Next Week

The popular seasonal minty treats will hit menus even earlier this year.
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It may only be the first week of February, but McDonald's is already gearing up for St. Patrick's Day. Yesterday, the fast-food giant announced that its fan-favorite Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry will return to menus on Monday, Feb. 5.

First launched at select locations in 1970, the Shamrock Shake features vanilla soft serve blended with mint syrup and finished with a sweet whipped topping. The Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which made its debut in 2020, puts a twist on the classic frozen treat by blending in Oreo cookie pieces.

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The two mint-flavored dessert options will be available at restaurants nationwide for a limited time while supplies last. This year's rollout comes about two weeks earlier than last year's, which took place on Feb. 20.

Before McDonald's confirmed the official release date of these menu items, food Instagram account @snackolator announced the items' upcoming return, sparking excitement from many fans.

"My favorite time of year," one Instagram user wrote in the comments. "This is an annual tradition for me. The best! can't believe it's so early this year!" another one added. 

Meanwhile, some commenters said they've already seen the Shamrock items appear at McDonald's locations.

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Over the years, McDonald's has introduced other Shamrock Shake-inspired items. In 1980, the fast-food chain launched the Shamrock Sundae, which featured vanilla soft serve topped with mint green Shamrock syrup.

Then in 2017, McDonald's unveiled the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, which came with a limited-edition straw designed to deliver "50% chocolate and 50% mint in each sip." Along with this chocolatey shake, the chain also rolled out a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé and two hot options: the Shamrock Mocha and Shamrock Hot Chocolate.

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The Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry aren't the only returning menu items to keep on your radar. On Jan. 25, the fast-food chain brought back its Double Big Mac. This burger features four beef patties, pickles, shredded lettuce, chopped onions, Big Mac Sauce, and a slice of American cheese on a sesame seed bun. The Double Big Mac first appeared on U.S. menus for a limited time in 2020.

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