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McDonald's Is Selling a Hot Dog Snack Wrap—But There's a Catch

Spoiler alert: you'll have to buy a plane ticket to try it.

Ever since McDonald's discontinued its Snack Wraps in 2016, fans have been mourning the loss of the beloved tortilla-wrapped item. However, some can still sink their teeth into a McDonald's Snack Wrap—but you will have to venture outside of the United States to do so.

Take a trip to South Korea, and you'll notice that the McDonald's locations are serving their own take on the popular menu item. But instead of making chicken the starring ingredient, hot dogs steal the show. Launched in 2022 as a "Happy Snack" menu item, South Korea's "Sausage Snack Wrap" features a hot dog, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and smoky bacon sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.

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A few weeks ago, food Instagram account @snackolator posted about the Sausage Snack Wrap, asking followers if they would try the menu item if it meant Snack Wraps could return to the U.S. The post elicited mixed reactions.

Some commenters expressed an eagerness to try the menu item, with one writing, "Would I try one!? Hell, I'm planning a trip back to Korea just to get one." However, many were less keen on it. "Absolutely not," another Instagram user commented.

McDonald's USA discontinued its Snack Wraps in 2016 because of the item's inefficient assembly process. This resulted in franchisees pushing for the product's removal, according to Business Insider. Released in 2006, McDonald's Snack Wraps featured a choice of grilled or crispy chicken, lettuce, sauce, and shredded cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Seven years after cutting Snack Wraps from the menu, McDonald's revealed plans to revive the popular item. During an investor day at the beginning of the month, Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald's USA, shared that the fast-food chain intends to bring back the Snack Wraps as part of its plan to expand the McCrispy line. That being said, Erlinger noted that McDonald's is "still in the early days" of developing its McCrispy Snack Wrap, so it's unclear when the item will launch.

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Customers who would like to satisfy their Snack Wrap cravings don't need to travel as far as South Korea to get their hands on one. Other fast-food chains in the U.S. serve their own versions of this popular menu item, with Wendy's launching its Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap in March. The item is packed with herb-marinated grilled chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, and a creamy ranch sauce wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Additionally, McDonald's fans willing to travel to Canada can score a Snack Wrap, which is available in multiple varieties, such as Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Ranch Chicken.

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