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Ex-McDonald's Chef Claims You Can Buy the Famous Barbecue Sauce At the Store

This grocery store sauce is "probably the closest one" to McDonald's sauce.
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If McDonald's petite cups of Tangy Barbeque Sauce have always been a little too small to fulfill your dipping needs, prepare yourself for some great news. An insider for the fast-food giant just revealed that you can buy whole bottles of a sauce that's remarkably similar to the McDonald's version at a retailer near you.

Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef and TikToker (@chefmikeharacz), recently set out to find the closest match for McDonald's Tangy Barbeque Sauce at grocery stores. He started by reviewing the ingredients list for the McDonald's sauce and found that it contains two "unique" ingredients: soy sauce and sherry powder.

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Haracz then sampled a variety of grocery store barbecue sauces and compared their ingredient lists to the McDonald's version. The one that ended up being the most similar to McDonald's sauce was Open Pit's Hickory Barbecue Sauce, Haracz said.

Open Pit Hickory Barbecue Sauce
Open Pit

This barbecue sauce does differ slightly from the McDonald's version because it doesn't contain soy sauce. However, Haracz noted that it does contain soy protein ingredients, which "replicate" the soy sauce flavor.

"This is probably the closest one you are going to get just right out of the bottle," he said.

The video has racked up more than 71,000 views and more than 100 comments from other TikTokers. Several backed up Haracz's comparison between McDonald's Tangy Barbeque Sauce and the Open Pit version.

"Definitely does taste very similar," one commented.

"Makes sense. I always just assumed [McDonald's] used Open Pit," another said.

Open Pit's Hickory Barbeque Sauce is currently available for purchase on Amazon and at several major retailers, including Walmart and Meijer. Anyone interested in buying the sauce can use the Open Pit website to check where it's in stock near them.

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This is only the latest instance in which Haracz has helped McDonald's fans find dupes for their favorite menu items at grocery stores. Just last month, he revealed that the closest grocery store match to McDonald's famous French fries is Walmart's Great Value Thin Cut French Fried Potatoes. He also instructed viewers on how to cook the frozen fries so that they taste the most similar to the McDonald's version.

Haracz has also tipped off fans about the best grocery store dupes for the fast-food chain's popular Hash Browns, Chicken McNuggets, breakfast sausage, Big Mac Sauce, and American cheese.

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