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A Big Change Is Coming to Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

Anyone who follows food news knows that McDonald's has been all about change as of late: The chain has supersized their Quarter Pounder, added kale to their ever-shrinking menu and just last week, the chain announced they would be serving all day breakfast starting in October.

So it should come as no surprise that there's yet another tweak up Ronald McDonald's sleeve. The fast food chain recently announced that they plan to change the way they cook their biscuits, bagels and English muffins, which play a leading role in their popular McMuffin line. Instead of topping the carb pillows with liquid margarine, they will soon be slathering on real butter. Inside select stores, signs already advertise the nationwide change, and remaining locations will make the switch once they've used up their supply of margarine, according to CNBC.

Although this isn't such good news for those with lactose intolerance, it's great news for your waistline and total health. Though margarine has less saturated fat than butter, it packs a ton of additives, including health-harming trans fats which have been shown to increase the risk of depression. It gets worse: Research shows that the spread may also abet weight gain, increase heart disease risk and dangerous cholesterol levels — definitely not what you want on your go-to breakfast sandwich.

While we're amped about the menu-wide change, we can't deny that some of McDonald's breakfast dishes are far better than others. To ensure you stay on track with your weight loss goal, be sure to check out our guide to the Best and Worst McDonald's Breakfasts.


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