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Articles by Melissa Rifkin

Carrabba's menu items on a red background
cutting calories concept of scissors cutting a piece of paper with the word calories
tgi fridays
woman eating yogurt parfait, concept of eating habits to slim down your waist in 30 days
cheeseburger and fries concept from McDonald's, how to lose weight while eating McDonald's
bowl of hummus with veggies on board, concept of the best 100-calorie snacks for weight loss
bowl of dried fruit with mixed nuts
close-up woman's hand grabbing popcorn, concept of inflammatory foods that cause belly fat
fitness woman eating a granola bar
bowl of flavored Greek yogurt, concept of the worst protein foods for weight loss
close-up bowl of breakfast cereal, concept of worst weight loss foods
hands cupping trail mix, concept of what to eat after workout for weight loss
man dealing with high blood pressure, measuring it at home
woman taking cookie from cookie jar
honey glazed ham
young woman eating oatmeal with cranberries out of a white bowl
vitamin d supplements
Vegetarian vegan meal prep with vegetables beans salad olives hummus
Processed deli meat cold cuts
Pure protein bars
different types of grains
black rice
Chicory root
Different types of protein powder plant animal whey
Rice and beans
corn syrup
green plant based dinner with vegan diet supplements
Frozen fruit in plastic bag