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A Popular Coca-Cola Product Is Back At Costco, But Shoppers Are Shocked By the Price

Costco shoppers reported that the item was priced much lower in the past.

There's something about drinking Mexican Coke that just tastes better than Coke manufactured in the United States…and it's not the nostalgic glass bottle. The version of the iconic soft drink that reigns supreme in the States is made with high-fructose corn syrup. Meanwhile, Mexican Coke that's imported to the States is reportedly made with real cane sugar, and consumers have long said that they can taste the difference.

Beloved grocery chain Costco offers this special soda from time to time, and members recently reported that it was back in warehouses. But not even the shoppers' love affair with Mexican Coke was enough to shield it from some major complaints about the price.

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A Costco shopper snapped a picture of cases of Mexican Coke at their local warehouse and posted it on the retailer's dedicated Reddit page this week. Fellow Reddit users were quick to point out the $32.99 price tag for a 24-pack of the sodas.

"That price shot through the roof though," one commented.

"Terrible price, and the opposite of value [in my opinion]," another said.

Prices may vary depending on the Costco location, but some shoppers recalled finding cases of the soft drink for a much lower price in the past. One said they remembered seeing the Mexican Coke priced at $23.99 "not that long ago," while another said that they could get a case for as low as $18 before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Costco fans on Reddit have long complained about the high price of soft drinks at the warehouse. The elevated prices are not a complete surprise since the cost of many grocery items has skyrocketed in recent years due to factors like the pandemic and supply chain issues. Prices for grocery staples like eggs and pork have only started to come down in the last couple of months.

But even though high grocery bills are the norm nowadays, Costco members just couldn't seem to shake the bad taste that the Mexican Coke price tag left behind.

"I'm not paying over a dollar for any drink," a customer commented on Reddit.

This isn't the only recent instance where Costco has angered members with its prices. Customers slammed the retailer on Reddit in February when they spotted a new food court roast beef sandwich listed for an unusually high $9.99.

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