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The Best Middle-aged Workout You Can Do in 10 Minutes, Trainer Says

It will allow you flexibility with your time while getting your body flexible as well!
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If you're now embracing the middle stage of life, be aware that it's critical to exercise in a way that benefits your body without causing any unnecessary harm. That means adhering to specific tips and focusing on certain techniques that can help you become fitter, stronger, and faster without pushing yourself too far. At the same time, busy schedules might force you to fit your exercise into convenient pockets in your day-to-day life. Caroline Grainger, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer at FitnessTrainer Online Personal Trainers offers to Eat This, Not That! her suggestions for the best middle-aged workout that can be accomplished in a quick 10 minutes. Hey—it will allow you flexibility with your time while getting your body flexible as well! Sounds like a win to us.

"As we age, the importance of getting enough exercise increases, but it's also important to be aware of the ways in which our bodies are not what they used to be," Grainger says. "With this in mind, the goal for a workout for a person in middle age should be to work the whole body, get the heart rate up, and avoid anything too strenuous that could lead to injury."

If you're geared up to get started with a routine that works for your body and schedule, check out the following 10-minute middle-aged workout. And next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.


middle-aged woman doing bodyweight squat outside during walk

When it comes to incorporating squats as part of a quick and effective workout, Grainger suggests choosing between one of two options. She explains that squats can be done with added weights or without them, depending on how comfortable you feel. It's also something you can move into, and add weights as your body becomes more familiar with doing them.

Either way, both squat options offer several benefits. Along with being a fabulous option for your legs, from your calves to your glutes, Grainger tells us that they are extremely beneficial for your balance and stability as well.

To make them a key part of a 10-minute workout, Grainger says, "You can do them at a pretty good clip [for around three to four minutes], especially if you're doing these without [any added] weight."

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mature man performing pushups to reverse aging after 50

"This exercise will work your arms and pectorals in particular," Grainger tells Eat This, Not That! while suggesting pushups as an ideal addition to your 10-minute workout.

"If you can't do these with your feet on the ground, doing them from your knees instead is fine," Grainger also explains. However, she points out, "With enough practice, keeping these up for three to four minutes should be doable."

To hit that goal, Grainger instructs to perform them in sets of a minimum of 10, and resting for 30 seconds between each set. Anything more than that, simply consider making each set longer, and performing each one for a total of three minutes.

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Sit-ups, Crunches, or other Floor-Based Ab Work

mature man doing situps as part of middle-aged workout group class

To finish off the final few minutes of your 10-minute workout, Grainger recommends targeting your abs. To do so, it's best to choose either sit-ups, crunches, or another kind of ab-based exercise that's performed on the floor.

"The great thing about these exercises is that there are so many different versions out there, meaning that you can add plenty of variety to your workout while still working that all-important core," Grainger explains.

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