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This New Costco Dessert Is Making Cookie Lovers Swoon

It's as festive as it is giftable!

Another day, another ingenious Costco treat! From key lime pie to the iconic All American chocolate cakes, the beloved warehouse retailer has everything you could ever need for your sweet tooth. And now that fall is in full swing, it's only a matter of time before you start planning your holiday spreads, which means Costco's beloved bakery items are likely to play a key role in your household.

Although Thanksgiving still seems miles away, stores are already preparing for Christmas. One example is Aldi's advent calendars, which are set to return to shelves in the first week of November. Now, Costco is hopping on the Christmas bandwagon too with a new release of its own.

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Fans have recently discovered a new dessert perfect for the festive season, thanks to the popular account @costcohotfinds. No, it's not pumpkin spice-flavored, but it's sure to be a household hit with cookie lovers.

The warehouse is selling mini cookie skillets that come in boxes of four. The set comes with Nestle Toll House cookie mix and includes a mini cast-iron skillet to bake it in for just $19.99. According to @costcohotfinds, all you need to do is add some butter and water to the mix, before you can enjoy the hot, gooey treat.

We don't know about you, but we think mini baking pans somehow make dessert hour so much more fun. Not to mention, the festive packaging tied with a vibrant red bow and covered in snowflakes makes this the perfect holiday gifting opportunity for dessert-lovers in your life.

Costco fans cannot wait to get their hands on the dessert, as one user wrote, "Omg I'm gifting this to myself, this is too cute." Another one exclaimed, "This would make a great hostess gift. I get so tired of just bringing a bottle of wine!" Although on behalf of wine fans everywhere, you can bring both a bottle of wine and these mini cookie skillets for the ideal present.

One user even mentioned a second use for the skillet as they wrote, "The mini skillets are useful for toasting spices in later." Sounds like an epic two-in-one deal!

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