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7 Major Changes Albertsons Is Making Right Now

Here's what's coming for your neighborhood location.

With over 2,200 stores across the country, chances are you've shopped at an Albertsons grocery store before. While Safeway, Vons, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, and more are part of the network, the company's namesake locations are still a go-to for many, and several Albertsons locations are about to see some major changes.

We've already seen supermarkets take big steps in 2021, and this chain is no exception. Here are several big changes Albertsons is making right now, and for more, make sure you're aware of the Grocery Shortages To Expect in 2021, According to Experts.

Predictive Grocery Lists

grocery list

Albertsons just partnered with Google to bring the future of grocery shopping to its stores sooner rather than later. One new online ordering technology is described as "predictive grocery list building," which sounds like it will make your grocery list for you. Not much else has been revealed about the forthcoming tech, but Albertsons says that "Google Cloud AI technologies such as Vision AI, [and] Recommendations AI" will work to create "the world's most predictive grocery engine."

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AI Conversational Tools

albertsons pharmacy app

Another change coming to Albertsons grocery stores is the addition of "Business Messages" that will help with customer service in the store and pharmacy. It will also help answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

"Albertsons Companies is leading the way in bringing innovative technologies to the grocery store digital and physical aisle," said Carrie Tharp, the VP of Retail and Consumer for Google Cloud, in a press release.

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Updated Maps

couple checking food label at the store

Who hasn't gotten lost while shopping at the grocery store and even when trying to find the grocery store before? Well, Albertsons is working to fix that through their new Google partnership. It will soon have new grocery store maps, making it easier than ever to find what you need. Google has been updating its map technology for years, and now, Albertsons is taking advantage. (Google has also helped Albertsons launch curbside pickup.)

Adding More COVID-19 Vaccine Sites


Like other grocery store chains, Albertsons has been busy distributing COVID-19 vaccines. In early March, it announced it had administered over 1 million doses since early January, and the number has only claimed higher since then. With eligibility opening up in many states, that is going to continue.

New Delivery Carts

albertsons ordering online

At select Safeway locations in northern California, customers can now get their groceries delivered through an innovative cart. It's called the Safeway Cart and is powered by logistics company Tortoise. It creates zero emissions, is remote-controlled, can carry up to 120 pounds in four locked containers, and travels at around 3 miles per hour. It texts customers when it's outside their house and is also equipped with a camera and a speaker.

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Crowning Products As The Best-Of-The-Best

Cashier wearing a face mask at the grocery shop and getting a card payment

For the first time ever, Albertsons asked its associates to pick their favorite products in the store for the 2020 Own Brands Accoate Choice Awards. Thousands voted and picked their favorite products among 15 categories, like Favorite new 2020 Own Brands product, Favorite healthy alternative, Favorite item to stock up on, Favorite immunity boosting product, and more.

Not Changing Mask Rules In Texas

Woman in a disposable face mask is checking a shopping list on a smartphone in a supermarket

When news broke that the governor of Texas was ending the statewide mask mandate in mid-March, several grocery stores released statements saying they were still requiring them in store. Albertsons was one of them. So while nothing is technically changing about coving your mouth and nose while you shop, rules elsewhere are, so it's important to know what they are before heading to your local Albertsons.

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