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ALDI's Much-Anticipated New Holiday Items Are Officially Here

You can pick from more than 25 new versions of this beloved holiday treat.

Spooky season is officially over, which means supermarkets are busy stocking their aisles with seasonal staples for holiday feasts. Experts are recommending that Americans plan their menus early this year as grocery shoppers across the country confront shortages, shipping delays, purchase limits, and overall higher prices.

ALDI, one of America's favorite low-cost chains, is currently rolling out one of its signature holiday items to stores. The retailer's Advent calendars, which help you count down the days to Dec. 25 in style, finally drop on Nov. 3.

Advent doesn't officially start this year until Nov. 28, but you probably shouldn't wait until that day to scoop up one of ALDI's popular Wine Advent Calendars because they typically sell out fast.

We've got all of the details about the 28 different Advent calendars that ALDI is releasing this year. They come pre-loaded with beloved finds like beer, cheese, coffee, wine, and more.

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You can choose from 4 different boozy calendars this holiday season.

ALDI boozy advent calendars
Courtesy of ALDI

In addition to the OG favorite—the wine version—ALDI is selling three other boozy calendars this year. Both wine and beer Advent calendar options are now available, which are complete with 24 bottles each and priced at just under $60 and $50, respectively.

Joining them soon on shelves are the Connellys 12 Days of Irish Cream calendar—complete with 12 bottles of Irish Cream in flavors like hazelnut, strawberry, tiramisu, white chocolate, vanilla cinnamon, and more—and the Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year box with seven bottles of bubbly. Both of these calendars are slated to cost $29.99 when they hit stores.

A big change is being made to ALDI'S Wine Advent Calendar this year.

ALDI Holiday calendar
Courtesy of ALDI

ALDI announced in September that its beloved Wine Advent Calendar was going to be cheaper than ever this year. When you pick one up at your local store, you'll notice that the price is $10 less.

An ALDI spokesperson previously revealed the reason for the discount to Eat This, Not That!. This year, all 24 mini bottles of wine are being made using plastic instead of glass, meaning they're more compact, less breakable, and less heavy. They're also 100% recyclable.

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There are also calendars with cheese, chocolate, and coffee.

ALDI holiday calendars
Courtesy of ALDI

Counting down to Christmas Day is a treat within itself, but what could be merrier than holiday cheddar, chocolate truffles, or coffee? These calendars are a steal—they range in price from $1.49 to $14.99 and include up to 24 days worth of goodies.

The coffee and cheese Advent calendars have already dropped, and the chocolate versions will hit store shelves soon.

The fun on the calendar isn't reserved only for adults.

ALDI holiday calendars
Courtesy of ALDI

Barbie, Cars, Lego, and Paw Patrol calendars will hit store shelves on Nov. 3. Other kid-friendly options will follow, including A Christmas Story and Elf calendars, as well as one with bath fizzers.

Your furry friends can also get in on the fun: ALDI is selling dog and cat Advent calendars full of salmon and sweet potato treats.

For more on what's happening at the ALDI in your neighborhood, check out:

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