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ALDI Is Opening Up 150 Stores—Including in This New State

The chain's portfolio is growing to include 38 states.

ALDI planned to open 100 new locations last year, and 50 stores were listed on the chain's "Grand Openings" webpage by October. In total, ALDI has opened more than 1,000 new stores across American over the last 10 years.

Don't lose hope if one of these low-cost supermarkets hasn't popped up in your neighborhood yet. ALDI has its eyes set on the Gulf Coast, and it is going to open even more new stores in 2022.

Approximately 150 new locations will open by the end of the year, which means ALDI is poised to become "the third-largest U.S. grocery retailer by store count by the end of this year," the company announced in a Feb. 8 news release. As a result, ALDI's portfolio will soon grow to include 38 states. In fact, a new store is set to open in the city of Lafayette later this week.

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"There is nothing like watching shoppers discover ALDI for the first time," Jason Hart, CEO of ALDI U.S., says. "There's a moment of surprise when they realize just how much they can save by shopping with us. We can't wait to share that experience with more customers as we add new stores across the Southeast."

ALDI is currently working to open new locations in 20 states, including five stores in Illinois, four in Florida, and three each in New York and Arizona.

To help service the new Louisiana location—as well as 100 other stores across Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle—ALDI is also opening up a 564,000-square-foot distribution center (that's about the size of around 30 regular-sized ALDI locations) in Loxley, Ala.

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In addition to bringing its total number of stores up to more than 2,150, ALDI is expanding its "Grocery Pickup" to 300 locations. The curbside pickup option is managed online—shoppers pick out their items, then select a pickup location and timeframe. Upon arrival, they park in a designated spot and an employee brings the groceries to their car.

FYI: Some "ALDI Finds" may "not be available for purchase" on their advertised date right now. This is why there are still product delays at the low-cost grocery store.

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