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America's Favorite Better Burger Chain Has a New Cheeseburger Deal for May

Get a chef-crafted cheeseburger with a draft beer.

America's favorite better burger brand has a new deal running through May that you won't want to miss.

BurgerFi serves some of the tastiest, best-quality burgers in the fast-casual space, and customers will be happy to know that until May 31, the chain is running a $14 promotion that reads like a Happy Meal for adults. Included in the deal is one of the many cheeseburgers the chain has on the menu as well as regular fries and a draft beer or a soda.

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cheeseburger meal
Courtesy of BurgerFi

Considering the fact that BurgerFi's chef-crafted cheeseburgers alone cost anywhere between $9 and $11 and fries another $5 or so, the deal is a good way to enjoy the chain's food at a discount.

Some of the most popular burgers included in the deal are:

  • Breakfast All Day Burger: There's nothing better than a breakfast burger complete with maple syrup, a fried egg, and hash brown between two butter-toasted buns.
  • CEO Burger: Treat yourself to a burger lunch with this wagyu + brisket blend with candied bacon jam and truffle aioli.
  • Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger: One of the most popular menu items, this burger is complete with thick-cut bacon and double natural Angus beef.

To enjoy your cheeseburger and fries with a beer, ask for the Hoppy Meal, while the meal that comes with a soda can be ordered by asking for the TriFi Meal. You'll find these on menus at all 179 nationwide locations right now.

Florida-based BurgerFi has been one of America's buzziest fast-casual restaurants for several years now, rated highly for the quality of its beef and renowned for its "better burger" branding (i.e. using products like Wagyu beef). Along the way, the on-the-rise company has racked up industry awards, exceeded sales goals, and opened numerous new locations. Even Martha Stewart is on the BurgerFi bandwagon.

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