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America's Top Upscale Burger Chain Is Opening 30 New Locations

Most of them are slated to open on the East Coast.

The buzz around fast-casual brand BurgerFi is nothing new. The upscale burger chain navigated the pandemic like a champ, quickly adding curbside pickup and its first drive-thru, redesigning kitchens for efficiency, and even landing Martha Stewart as a board member. It's no surprise it recently made the prestigious Fast Casual's Top 100 Movers & Shakers list, which recognizes the industry's most successful brands, for the eighth year in a row. In fact, it took the #1 spot thanks to its "continuous innovation and rapid growth."

The company, which recently went public, continued its winning streak in 2021. It reported a systemwide sales growth of 19% in the first quarter and announced it would be opening a total of 30 new restaurants by the end of the year. Additionally, the chain will expand its partnerships with Reef and Epic Kitchens by opening 15–20 additional ghost kitchen locations, according to a press release.

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"We are optimistic about our expansion efforts on the eastern seaboard and internationally, and we anticipate that our growing presence will deliver strong results," said CEO Julio Ramirez of the ambitious expansion plan. BurgerFi currently operates 120 restaurants and has already added 5 new locations since January.

But it isn't just its growing national presence that is making the brand so successful. Its momentum was additionally boosted with menu innovations. In March, they launched the SWAG burger, a spicy limited-time burger made with premium Wagyu beef, which scored highly in our own taste test of new burger releases. In April, the chain went all in on nostalgia, putting the beloved Dunkaroos cookies in a milkshake for the first time ever.

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