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Brie Larson Reveals Her Intense Workout for Six-Pack Abs

The "Avengers: Endgame" star isn't cutting any corners when it comes to getting in great shape.

Being a superhero means more than just looking the part—it takes serious strength and commitment to spend long hours on set and battle bad guys on the big screen. Captain Marvel star Brie Larson knows just how much work it takes to embody these iconic characters, and she's logging long hours in the gym to prove it. The star just shared her secret for her superhero six pack with fans and it's a doozy.

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She gets her abs with weighted planks.

If you think planks are tough, just wait until you see how Larson does hers. In a new video posted to her Instagram, Larson does a wide leg plank, propping herself up on her elbows and the balls of her feet. To add to the already challenging move, Larson's holding a 45-pound barbell weight on her back while she holds herself up.

"We all have moments of feeling like the 🌎 is on our shoulders," she captioned the clip.

She uses resistance bands.

It's not just the weights on her back that give Larson such a tough workout. Her trainer, Jason Walsh, incorporates added resistance into countless moves.

On September 5, Larson shared a video of herself doing push-ups to her Instagram. To keep the moves challenging, Walsh had a resistance band placed across the star's lower back. "Those are horrible, right?" Walsh can be heard saying in the background as Larson completes the exercises.

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She does heavy weight training.

To keep her lower body toned, Larson relies on a unique routine of squats to keep her in stellar shape. In a video from September 3, the star stands on the platform of an Exxentric kBox4 flywheel platform, wearing a belt attached to the machine's pulley mechanism around her waist. In her hands, Larson holds a kettlebell. The star then does a series of squats, grunting as she performs the heavy resistance moves.

"How many pieces of work out equipment does it take to become a super hero? All of them!" she captioned the video.

She stretches.

It's not just grueling workouts that help Larson maintain her fitness level, though—she also relies on a soothing stretching routine to keep her limber.

"Stretching is a huge part of exercise!" she told fans in a recent stretching video posted to her YouTube channel.

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