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Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Exact Workout for Six-Pack Abs

The star's exercise routine is every bit as tough as it is effective.

Mark Wahlberg has been famous for his fit physique for decades, from his early days as the frontman of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch to his more recent onscreen roles in movies like Transformers: The Last Knight and the upcoming Six Billion Dollar Man. Now 50 years old, the star is looking fitter than ever and he's sharing the secrets to his ripped body with fans.

Read on to discover exactly how Wahlberg stays in such amazing shape. And for more on how your favorite A-listers get ripped, check out This Is the Exact Diet and Workout That Keeps Jamie Foxx Fit at 53.

He does an intense suspended workout.

To keep his abs toned, Wahlberg relies on a tough routine of abdominal work done while suspending himself using his upper body strength.

In a clip posted to his Instagram account, Wahlberg can be seen holding himself up on a power rack while doing a set of helicopter crunches with a medicine ball tucked between his feet. He then does a series of crunch kicks before dropping from the rack.

"Helicopters with the ball. @shandhelm making gains! 🔥💪🏼 #inspiredtobebetter," he captioned the clip. For more on how stars stay in such amazing shape, check out Terry Crews Reveals His Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to Stay Fit.

He works out five days a week.

mark wahlberg in black suit on blue carpet at transformers premiere
Ian West / PA Images via Getty Images

In a 2020 interview with Men's Health, Wahlberg revealed that the secret to maintaining his physique is simple: completing short bursts of exercise where he works out for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

"[You] actually end up doing less work, but much higher intensity, less rest. That's where you're really getting the heart rate up and burning a lot of calories," says the star, who works out every day except Wednesday and Saturday.

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He trains specifically for his roles.

mark wahlberg doing dumbbell curls in a gym with other people
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images for F45 Training

While Wahlberg is known for being exceptionally fit, he admits that his workout routine typically corresponds with whatever role he's playing, not a personal desire to look a certain way.

The star explained to Men's Health, "Everything revolves around my work," admitting that his main goal is to "stay in shape so I don't have to start over and get in shape."

He sticks to plant-based foods.

chickpea hummus

It's not his training regimen alone that keeps Wahlberg in such amazing shape. The actor told Men's Health that, after realizing he wasn't feeling his best on his usual high-protein plan, he switched to a plant-based way of eating instead.

"[I] went plant-based for what was supposed to be twelve days. That was four months ago," said Wahlberg. "I've discovered hummus. I never had hummus before and I'm loving it!" If you need some incentive to add more plant-based foods to your diet, check out these 10 Benefits of Eating a More Plant-Based Diet.

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