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Brie Larson Shares Her Exact Arm and Butt Workout In New Video

The "Captain Marvel" star is getting into superhero shape with this challenging fitness routine.
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Playing a superhero on the big screen takes more than just major acting chops—it takes serious strength, too. Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel, who will once again helm her iconic superhero role in the upcoming Marvel Universe film The Marvels, is getting into fighting form once again with a series of grueling new workouts.

Read on to discover the exact arm and butt exercises Larson is using to get back into Captain Marvel shape. And for more celebrity fitness routines, check out Rita Ora Reveals Her On-the-Go Workout to Stay Fit.


Larson just shared a video of her weight-based workout.

It's not just when she's training for a film that Larson makes an active lifestyle a top priority. From throwing axes to hiking to swimming, Larson's personal life is full of exciting activities that keep her blood pumping outside the gym.


She doesn't deprive herself.

Larson may be in great shape, but she isn't exactly spartan about her diet. In fact, the star has recently launched a series on her YouTube channel called "But Will It Air Fry?" in which she puts various foods in her air fryer to see how they taste.

Among the treats she's tried? Waffles, cinnamon rolls, eggs, Pop-Tarts, Toaster Strudels (which she calls "the true pride and joy of my life") and turkey bacon.

In addition to the foods she eats during her taste tests, Larson says she's used the machine regularly to prepare her favorite foods for meals. "I've made a lot of fried things—a lot of breaded and fried things," she said of her device. And for more celebrities shaping up, check out Sherri Shepherd Reveals Her Abs in New Workout Video After 35-Pound Weight Loss.

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